Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not today

No Target today. Inlaws wanted to come over for a bit so yeah....
We'll just go tomorrow. Not in a HUGE rush to get the RnP... but yeah, we better get it tomorrow :P lol

Zoe still sleeping in short bursts during the day. Not sure why she keeps waking up, but *shrugs* Just gotta deal with my non-sleeping long munchkin.

Oh another item I like...

Lansinoh disposable breast pads. I've tried Nuk and Medela ones as well, but they only have 1 adhesive strips on them so tend to move around a lot while the Lansinoh has 2 areas. It's not a huge deal and they're all basically the same though.

Oh and we're finally using the baby tub.... this one. Zoe is just too big now to handle w/ one hand while bathing so putting her in the tub is a lot easier to manage.
Just wish it weren't so damn big. If you're looking to get one, make sure you have room to store it. *nodnod*


SLESE1014 said...

I have the same tub and I just store it in the bathtub...just easier...It is a godsend and Raegan is 9 months old and we're still using it!

LisaL said...

Yeah, we put ours in the tub as well when not in use. Thankfully in our main bathroom, the bathtub and shower are seperate so no problems.