Friday, September 28, 2012

Rough night

Poor Zoe was not cooperating with mommy and daddy last night.

She went to sleep fine like she usually does at night, but she spit up which woke her up and after that... it all went downhill.
She was not having any of the swaddle and screamed her head off until she was out of it.
DH stayed up with her until she went to sleep and to let me get to sleep since I was tired.
Well... she didn't get back to sleep... I woke up at around 12:30 (after going to bed at 11 something), and she was crying while he was trying to feed her.
I relieved him so he could go sleep.
I tried swaddling her again but nope, so just put her in some footie PJs.
Fed her a little, rocked her some, then put her in the rock n play where she slept. I tried sleeping right beside her on the recliner. Not very comfy and I kept waking but it was better than nothing.
Was tempted to pull her in to the bedroom in the RnP... may do that next time if it happens again.. which I'm sure it will.

My body is still all screwy. Haven't gotten a period yet which the OB said is normal and I may not get it for a while since I'm pumping. I am still randomly spotting though. It's never a lot. Just a spot of something on my panty liner when I use the bathroom and that's it.

Pumping still sucks balls. Keep getting less and less even though I'm pumping for longer periods. Can't frickin wait to stop!!

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Anonymous said...

There is light at the end of the tunnel with her sleeping habits. DD's didn't become "normal" until about the 4-5 month. It was hard but soon the sleepless nights will be a memory! :)