Friday, August 31, 2012

The twins

This is so vain, but one of the only things I enjoy about having to pump (other than giving baby food).... I absolutely LOVE how big my boobs have gotten lol.
I actually look proportionate now.
They weren't exactly small before or anything, but now... I dunno, they are just looking so good in shirts lol.
They hurt every once in a while and feel super heavy in the middle of the night when I wake with Zoe, but it's totally worth it right now! rofl
I hope they stay this big... or at least a little larger than they were before :P

Got in a fantastic nap yesterday. Not sure how long it was and I def could've slept longer, but Zoe was squirming and needed to be woken up to get changed and eat.
She did have some trouble getting to sleep last night though. She just didn't want to stay asleep. I stayed up with her a bit... think I finally got her to go to sleep at 11pm. I know that's not terrible or anything, but when I've been going to bed at 8:30-9.... that's late :P heh

She's not pooing as much as she was, but when she goes... BLEH! lol

193lbs today. WOO! Hope it keeps going down or at least stays put.

Things at the c-sec incision are still aching a little. It's not terrible... more annoying than anything b/c I just want it to go away already. Think the hair growing back in is irritating the spot too which sucks b/c it's making it itchy and I've been kinda afraid to touch the area lol.
I have touched it.... very very gently. It feels weird.. almost numb.

Alrighty, Zoe has been asleep for a while... gonna see if I can get in a few winks before she wakes again.
Oh and Zoe is now wearing her 0-3m clothes very well now. Haven't even tried putting her in one of the tiny NB sizes again b/c I know she's gonna be too big for it. Gosh.. they grow so fast!


Shari's Crafty Corner said...

I remember the large tatas! It was great! After I stopped bf'ing, I had forgotten how squishy my tatas could

Biggest piece of knowledge I learned, what works today may not work tomorrow. These babies just love to throw curve balls and I pretty sure that is why the gray hairs

She is adorable Lisa!!

lisabttc said...

Love the pics!! So sweet!
Yay for big BBs and losing weight - I would sign up for that! :-)