Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1 month old

Wow.... already and only. It's crazy.

Our little month old Zoe is doing well. She's still a fussy butt, but we love her anyway ;) heh
Her skin is peeling in spots. Bottom of her feet and her fingers mostly.
Also her hair is starting to fall out. It's only at the side of her head right now.
She also has baby acne and she has terrible baby dandruff :P lol We're brushing her head to try to help w/ the dandruff but it doesn't look like it's doing much to help *shrugs*

She's also having some weird sleep cycles in the morning. Well, it's only been 2 days, but I imagine it will happen again.
She's on her own schedule at night. She'll go to bed around 9-10 after eating. Wake up around 1-2am. Eat, then will usually go right back to sleep, then will wake up again 4-5.
Well for the last 2 days, she's only been wanting to sleep for an hour when she wakes up the 2nd time. I am NOT happy about that lol. It takes me forever to get back to sleep nevermind that I pump after putting her back down so that gives me a whopping 30mins to try to get back to sleep before she wakes up again. BLEH!!!!
I'm so tired right now. Gonna pump after this post and hopefully sneak in a nap before she wakes up.

What else what else...
Oh Zoe is now a cloth diapered baby :D
She was actually outgrowing her newborn size disposable diapers, but thankfully we only had a few left anyway. Ran out of them yesterday and started cloth diapering last night.
So far so good.
She's in the smaller size ones on the smallest setting. They're the perfect fit right now. Still waiting for her to have a big poop in one just to see how they hold up to it. So far she's only had really small poops and lots of pee.

Uhm.... I'm doing good for the most part. Fanny pack is mostly pain free now thank goodness. Incision kinda aches every once in a while but it's mild and goes away quickly.
Pumping is still damn annoying and I still hate it.
Still not getting nearly what I should. Not looking forward to my 6w PP appointment, but I can't wait to bring up the milk supply problem. I know I could call sooner, but meh, I don't feel like it to be honest. No reason other than just lazy :P
And yeah... other than being tired right now... I'm feeling decent.
Oh I forgot to add that my face is totally breaking out. BLEH! And I have AWFUL dandruff right now.
I feel SOOOOOO attractive... :\

Will post some photos later!


Anonymous said...

Yay for one month! Wow, how time flies. Hope things keep going well and getting better and better! Good luck with the cloth diapers!

Anonymous said...

Are you putting baby oil on her head? That kept DD from getting craddle cap and any type of flaking skin. Plus it makes them smell wonderful :)