Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hurry hurry

Lol, seems like that's how all of my activities are now. Hurry up before the baby wakes up! lol

Anywho.... really do need to hurry. Can hear her starting to stir.

So... my nipples are purple. OUCH. They actually don't hurt THAT bad, but just the thought of them being purple makes them hurt lol. The new nipple pump thingamajigs def are helping with the soreness. Not completely taking it away but it's enough.

*to be continued.....*
*finally back...*

Mom duties..... sigh! heh

Ya know what... baby nails frickin HURT!!!!
I swear Zoe has little raptor claws attached to those tiny cute little fingers. Claws that constantly want to dig out my still beating heart whenever she has a little bit of tummy time on my stomach.
Those things are just shy of being tiny little razor blades.

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