Monday, September 17, 2012

Sleep baby girl... sleeeeep

Well, she's sleeping now but of course I can't join her since I have my appointment later. SIGH!

Today is the first day I've driven since what.... the thursday before my induction. And first time going out alone with Zoe. Gonna be interesting.
DH is meeting me there though. He took off a little bit of time to come to the appointment with me. He's just gonna sit in the waiting room if they do a pap on me though.
All he cares about though is if we can have sex yet or not lol. I'm still spotting every once in a while. It's not a constant thing.... I'll spot once a day... I'll see if on my panty liner when I use the bathroom, and that's it. Not even anything on the tp.

Anyway.... I'm debating if I do want to take anything to increase my milk supply. Reading about some of the prescription drugs... those side effects are scary. Yeah not everyone suffers from them, but... is it worth it?
Sure I'm not going to have oodles of breast milk, but I'd rather that than get a s/e from a drug.
Maybe going back on metformin will help.
I was going to start back up. Took 1 pill and then decided to just wait.
Anywho, we'll see.

I'm SO tired right now. Zoe woke up at 3... I fed her, cradled her until she was falling back to sleep and then put her in her bassinet so I could go pump.
She'll usually fuss a little bit, but DH will get up, give her her pacifier and she'll go to sleep. Nope... not last night.
She was not having any of it! I needed to pump longer than usual to empty my right bewb but had to cut it short. DH would've stayed up with her, but I felt bad that she wouldn't get back to sleep.
So I took her and put her in her rock n play. She'd doze off and then would wake back up. This went on until about 5 when I finally just picked her back up to cradle her. I guess she was just too tired by this point b/c she went right to sleep. BUT she only slept until 7. I did get back to sleep quickly, but it wasn't a deep restful sleep b/c I kept dreaming that she was crying or making a fussing noise and it would wake me. SIGH! Stupid brain!
Blahblah... so here I am...
Hopefully she'll sleep well later today so I can get in a nap.

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