Monday, September 10, 2012

Smiles and poop

Yep, more baby poop talk. Joy... lol

She almost had a blowout yesterday. It leaked a little and got on her outfit at the leg area, but thankfully that was it.
She's still not going all that great, but doesn't seem as fussy as she has been.  So yeah, hopefully I can do something to try to help her little BM problem out.

Zoe is def smiling now! YAY! She smiles when we tweak her chin (discovered that yesterday) and started smiling at this cute security blanket her aunt bought for her.

I tried getting some photos of it.


And a bonus most beautiful baby expression EVER photo for ya

ROFL...... I was trying to get a photo of her yawning. This was the end of it :P Cracks me up every time I look at it... ehehehehehehe

Oh I have to rant for a sec

So I don't mind if MiL wants to come over to visit on the weekend. It's not for too long and she's great with the baby (if somewhat greedy with holding her).

What annoys me is that she came over yesterday... with my neice... who is really frickin sick and then lets my neice get REALLY close to the baby. WTF???
Don't sit there and tell me that my neice had a 100 temp the previous day and then let her breath all over my baby!!! I don't care if she was feeling better, it doesn't mean she can't pass it on!

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Anonymous said...

That sucks about your MIL bringing your sick neice over. Sometimes people can be so inconsiderate and definitely not think about things.

Zoe has the most incredibly cute squishy cheeks!!!!

As for the constipation.....I think that is something bound to happen no matter how much formula they are on. DD would go 4-5 days before she had a BM. It eventually got better, but it wasn't until the 4-5 month time frame.