Friday, September 21, 2012

Sleep... glorious sleep!!

Zoe has slept SOOOOO well today! WOO!

DH got up with her first last night at 2:30. I had to get up anyway to pump, but it saved me 30mins.
She then got up at 6:30! WOO! That's pretty late for her.
I fed her, put her back to sleep, then pumped. I figured by the time I was done, she would be awake in an hour anyway so I decided to stay awake (that's when I posted here).
I stayed up until 8:30 I think... she hadn't woken up yet so I went and laid back down.
I fell back to sleep but woke up a few times b/c she would let out a noise like she was waking. Nope... she slept until 10:15!!! WOOOOO! OMG That was AWESOME lol. I could've slept longer of couse but she wasn't going back to sleep this time heh.

Anyway, she slept really well for the rest of the day too. Not a lot of fussing and when I'd put her in her RnP and cover her w/ one of her many fuzzy warm blankets, she'd fall asleep.
At around 1:30, she went to sleep... didn't wake up until almost 4:30 O_O!!!!!
Damn, too bad I, for once, wasn't tired or I would've been snoozing right there with her lol.
But man... today was nice *nodnod* I enjoyed it while it lasted b/c lord knows.. it probably won't happen again lol.

Tonight, she smiled at her grandma (MiL)... MiL was SO frickin happy about it too heh. It was sweet though and MiL was amazed that she was smiling. Dunno why... everything I've read says that babies can start to smile at people now. Anywho, it was really cute... then Zoe started crying of course :P

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