Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Appointment and such

So my appointment yesterday went well.
Almost went to it without shoes on though :P
I was just so flustered trying to get everything ready and carrying Zoe out that I was a few feet out of the house before realizing that I wasn't wearing any. HA!

Anywho... DH got there a little after me and carried Zoe in.
Got weighed and BP taken and had a pelvic exam done. She also checked my c-sec scar. Everything was good.. well... weight could always be better :P

I asked her when we could start trying again. Mentioned the 6 month thing and she said that if I get a repeat c-sec then 6 months is fine to start trying again. WOO!
For some reason if I wanted a vbac, I'd have to wait longer. I guess if I went in to labor there would be a higher chance of rupture from my c-sec scar? *shrugs*

I also asked about going back on metformin and she said that since I'm not trying right now there's no need. I thought that was weird but whatever.

Also asked about my milk supply and she mentioned that one R drug.. whatever it's called I don't remember. I don't want to take it though so I'm on my own to figure things out.

And yeah, that's about it.
Excited to try again eventually. That would be what.. January? Not that we would def start then. Hell, don't even know what my body will do. Hopefully getting healthier will help though. It was nice having cycles on my own.
Going to really get my eating under control next week. This week.. pfft... it's my birthday on Thursday and damnit.. I want cake! lol But yeah, next week... it's back to being strict. Well.. ok not super strict but enough to lose some weight *nodnod*


SLESE1014 said...

Reglan...that's the drug...I did take it, but I didn't take the full amount, in fact I still have some left over. I took it only until my supply increased to where I felt it should be and then I stopped it...

I also did acupuncture which helped increase my supply....something to think about...

Good luck and good news on trying again at 6 months!

Anonymous said...

Glad your appointment went well! It is so hard to get back on the weight loss train when you have a LO, but I am sure you will do great and be pg in no time!