Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Sorry I haven't been updating much. Even though things have calmed down a considerable amount, it still feels hectic.

Just wanted to give an update and post some details that I forgot to include.

Reason we started giving her a pacifier is b/c in the hospital she would comfort 'feed'. I say feed loosely though b/c she would just end up falling asleep and moving her mouth without actually suckling. It was killing my nipples and a nurse suggested we try a pacifier and yep, sure enough, Zoe took right to it.
I didn't like the idea of giving it to her b/c I saw how difficult it was for my SiL to ween her oldest off of one, but I'd much rather Zoe use it than having to try to get her to stop sucking her thumb. Can't exactly take her thumbs away from her :P

DH and I have been pooed on more than we care to remember now and baby girl isn't even a week old yet lol.
She waits until she's getting changed to let it flow. Ew.... heh
We've gone through many many many clean diapers b/c of it. Sneaky monkey!

Tried breastfeeding again yesterday but she wasn't having it. :( She did the whole comfort thing, but when the hunger hit... she did not want to work for it.
Kinda makes me sad, but I'm ok with pumping and giving her breastmilk in a bottle. Whatever it's gonna take to keep her nice and fed :)

Had another appointment today to check on her jaundice and her level has gone down even more which is awesome. Doc said that it should be cleared up by the end of the week.
AND she's already back to her birth weight :)
She was not a happy camper this morning though. Cried her little lungs out while we waited for the doc to see her.

I'm still pretty achy and tight feeling. But it's getting better. It better be b/c I don't have many percocets left. Ibuprofin should be enough by the time I am out of them though.
I'm also SO frickin swollen it's gross.
I have elephant legs right now and absolutely no ankles. My legs are so heavy and just gross.
My stomach is also pretty swollen still. I weigh more now than I did when I had Zoe. How screwed up is that?
Wish it would hurry up and resolve itself.
Oh I forgot to mention that my dog Cid... the almost 30lb little spoiled frenchie/boston decided it would be a good idea to jump on to my c-sec scar when my brother and his family came over one day.
I was reclined on the sofa and he frickin jumped right on to it. That hurt like hell and I started crying instantly from the pain. It still hurts more where he landed but everything looks ok. Just think it got bruised.
Damn dog, but not mad at him. Not like he knew :P

Breastmilk production has been... meh, just ok.
I pump about every 2 hours and am only just now managing an ounce for both boobs. Not much at all considering Zoe will eat 2oz easily each feeding.
Started taking fenugreek a couple days ago and hoping that will kick in soon.
Also bought some oatmeal yesterday and ate first bowl today (bleh). So yeah, doing what I can to get my milk production up. I want to get to at least 1oz each boob.

And speaking of my boobs... they're HUGE. I was a small c cup before... regular c on a good day. They're about a full overflowing D to a small DD now.
And I absolutely LOOOOOOVE these nursing bras. Thought they were going to feel weird wearing them but they're super super comfortable.

Zoe sleeps so well at night right now. She'll get up when hungry, but will usually go right back to sleep no prob after eating. And she sleeps even better in the morning giving DH and I much much needed rest (especially DH).
Hopefully this continues as she gets older. I can wish! heh

Uhm, I'm sure I'm leaving out some stuff, so if I think of it will post it up when I can.
And will try to post more photos tomorrow and actually update my TTC blog like I wanted to do lol.


hope4two said...

I weighed more after my c-section too. It took about 2 weeks and then one night I swear I peed out 20 lbs of fluid. Hang in there! Sounds like things are going well otherwise! Congratulations!!!

Shari said...

I never swelled during pregnancy and then after I had the baby I swelled up big time! I thought how unfair is this...LOL It goes away and you will feel much better when it does.

LisaL said...

Thanks ladies. Good to know that it does eventually go away. I mean of course it does, but just to hear it from others that went through it makes me feel better heh.
Yeah, it did make me think that this was unfair lol.
Didn't swell during pregnancy and then BAM here it all is and then some heh.