Saturday, August 4, 2012

Adventure in pubeville

Started off with minimum hopes and even those were dashed tonight.
Bought Nads wax strips along with Sally Hansen.
Tried Nads first (seriously, who named this crap?) and HUGE failure.
Ripped out maybe 5 hairs total and left a ton of sticky crap residue on my skin. I tried in a few different areas before just giving up. My ass cheeks were literally glued together. HAHAHAHA! Not sure how it got all the way back there but that was def a new sensation. (isn't that an INXS song? hmmm.. don't think they were talking about that.... or were they? o_o)
Thankfully have some Ben Nye makeup & adhesive remover leftover from Halloween. Stuff works awesome and seperated my butt cheeks once more.

So yep.... big thumbs down for that stuff when it comes to bikini line. May try it again down the road... on my pits or legs, but I'll just have to settle for the electric hair trimmer and a razor for the forest down below.

Zoe once gain was SUPER active today. Started around 5:30 and she didn't stop until after 7.
I wonder if she's gonna be that active when she's out in to the world? I'm sure we'd be thrilled at first and then later on just wish she would sleep already hehe.

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Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh :-) Ugh, that sucks though!
Yay for an active baby :-) I hope she's not too much of a trouble maker when she's out in the world :-P