Saturday, August 18, 2012

My experience with this C-sec

Just wanted to have a post about my experience with this c-section so far.
I feel like a lot of women don't really go in to just how difficult it is recovering from one.
Yes c-sections are done all the time, and people can tell you that it's major surgery until they're blue in the face, but until you've actually had one, you just don't realize.
I know I didn't.

I'm not typing this to scare anyone away from getting a c-sec done, I just feel like a woman should be as prepared as possible for what's to come if one is done.
I know I really wasn't and I guess you really can't be until you've gone through it or something similiar.
Anyway, I know I'll probably scare some, and that really isn't my intention. I just think some honest details about what it's like is needed. Maybe it will help someone that will have one done so they're not so shocked by how difficult it is or hell, maybe they'll get lucky and it will be much easier. Anyway blahblah.. here goes.

Recovery is difficult and painful!!! It sucks plain and simple. I still hurt and it's almost 2 weeks later. I know that's not a huge amount of time that has passed but when you feel like you've been hit, run over, and run over again... 2 weeks is long enough.
Not sure if it's just me b/c the actual incision doesn't hurt, it's my damn nasty flabby fat fanny pack that is bothering me. They made the incision right under it at the "fold". Not sure why that particular spot hurts though... so annoying.
I have to put a pad in that area to keep the moisture away b/c lord knows how terrible it would be if it got infected. Thankfully everything looks good though so far.

I'm just now able to actually stand up straight most of the time or sit on the toilet without having to ease down sloooowly.

You do not realize just how much you use your ab muscles until they hurt. Seriously, every damn movement and action comes from that area.

C-section requires you to be pumped with a TON of IV fluids which makes you swell.... seriously... it's gross how much you do swell. My legs are just now starting to look normal, but they're still swollen along with the rest of my body. I'm still well above what I weighed when I first got pregnant. I know it's not ALL just from the IV fluids but I know a good chunk of it is.
If you've never had swollen legs before, it is a damn weird and gross feeling. Your legs feel tight and super heavy.

Even though I did have excellent care in the hospital, I think because they were so busy, I was forgotten about and should've been made to get up and move sooner to help the healing process begin.
When I finally was able to get up and move (after they took out my IV, catheter) holy hell that was TERRIBLE. Pain meds can only do so much.

Having someone help you out is a MUST. You seriously can't do anything or at least it feels like you can't.
I'm VERY lucky that my DH has been so helpful and hasn't complained at all with all that he's had to do these last 2 weeks. I never realized just how helpless and useless I'd be after this and honestly, I'm kinda freaking out at the thought of having to do this alone during the day when he's at work. I know I'll get the hang of taking care of her on my own, but it still scares me that I'll still be in too much pain to do much.

The first poo after giving birth can take a while and will probably hurt. It took me a week to poo and good lord was it difficult!! Stool softeners didn't do jack squat for me.
Remember when I said you don't realize how much you use your ab muscles? Well... you def use them to try to poop and trying to strain out even a pebble hurts.
Oh and it didn't all come out at once. Oh no...... first poop was just a tiny amount. I think I'm just now at the point where all of that constipation has worked its way out.
Oh and being that constipated... you fart.. A LOT. Thankfully my gas didn't stink, but being seated or laying a certain way, I wouldn't be able to push the gas out so it would build and build and build until it was painful and I HAD to move to get it out.

Alrighty.... I probably have more to add, but I'm tired and baby is sleeping so I'm off to hopefully catch at least an hour of sleep before I have to pump again.


Cayman4 said...

C-sections are rough. That's why I'm trying so hard for a VBAC. It took me a full 2 months to recover from it. And at that there were still parts around my incision that were numb the first year after. The gas pain is terrible. You get a ton of air in there from them opening you up too. A good trick is put ginger ale in a hot cup of tea. It's gross, but for some reason it works.

I hope you continue to heal well and every day gets easier. And the more you move the better. Oh and if you have to cough or sneeze hug a pillow and bend over at the waist. That really hurts.

Meike said...

Oh Lisa , I'm sorry to hear that ur in pain .
My first Section was hell , I was in so much pain after and it took a while to get better .
But my second Section , a brezze , I was up and walking a few hours after and recovered in no time at all .
Have u got a band for ur tummy ? It's a wrap to hold stuff in place , it helped me tons after I had Ben .
Big Hug to Miss Z X

Shari said...

I hope the pain and discomfort ease up!! I can't imagine have a c-section and taking care of a newborn! I have heard also that when its an emergency c-section vs. a planned one, the recovery is much harder when you have been in labor.

You will do really well when DH goes back to work! I had DH home for 2 weeks and then he went back to trucking and then was gone for weeks (usually 3) at a time. Make sure when DH gets home from work that you take time for yourself. :) It will ensure you keep your sanity...haha