Friday, August 10, 2012

And heeeeeere's Zoe!

This post is gonna be quick since I need sleep.

Zoe was born on August 8th 2012 via a c-section.
Was induced on Tuesday, but due to stalling and Zoe not tolerating the pitocen very well, it was decided that I should have the c-section.
A little bummed it turned out that way, but honestly it didn't matter that much to me so long as she got here safe.
She was born at 7:35?am (will have to check that) weighing in at 7lbs 5oz and coming in at 19.something inches long. She was just over 19, not sure on exact measurements. Have it written somewhere heh.
Her estimated weight was right on the money though :)

The staff at the hospital were frickin fantastic, BUT with the c-sec, having to be hooked up to so much stuff and having to be checked ALL the time... I haven't slept more than a handful of hours since Tuesday.
To say I'm exhausted is understatement of the decade.

Zoe is doing pretty well. She is so adorable, but she is super super fussy. It does get exhausting, but we're just so in love with her that it doesn't matter.
She's borderline jaundice so we have to take her in early tomorrow to get checked out.
She also doesn't really breastfeed very well. It's lack of experience on both our parts though heh. Doesn't help that I have weird boobs and a gut so it's difficult to get her in to position. We're getting there though.
And b/c of the jaundice, we decided to suppliment a little bit of formula to help with it. I started to pump today to help keep my supply and hopefully get my milk to come in. It's already starting to come in a little bit, but not quite there yet. Also.. giving her formula is helping to keep my nipples attached to me lol.
BFing hasn't been easy but I'm really hoping that it will improve.

My recovery has been ok. Lots of pain, but thankfully there are pain meds for it heh. I'm still not very functional though and I can't do too much.
Thankfully DH has been absolutely amazing and is doing everything short of breastfeeding lol.
He's just been the best to little Zoe and myself.

Anyway... there's a lot more I'll post about when I get some more rest and have time to post again.
For now.. here's some quick Zoe spam.

DH holding Zoe after she was born. You can't tell but he (along with myself) burst in to tears when she was born.

DH proud of his swaddling skills lol. He really is very good at it and did it better than the nurses IMO.

A photographer came to take some photos of Zoe. DH took these while waiting for her. It was a really quick session and we're of course not required to buy any of them. I think we may though b/c they turned out super cute!

And at home this afternoon. Just got done breastfeeding her. She was awake and taking a look around so took advantage of that and snapped some photos :)

Of course have a ton more photos to share too. Will try to post more tomorrow or the next day. We'll see :)


satto said...

What a cutie! Congrats MAMA!

SLESE1014 said...

Welcome little Zoe!!! Congrats to you Mommy! Can't wait to see more pictures and read the full story! Hugs to you!!!!!

Jen said...

Awwww she is just adorable!! So in an awesome twist . . I had my baby girl at 6:37am also on August 8th. :)

Rachel said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Well done!

~Rian said...

Congrats! She is super cute!!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful. That's awesome the us was right on with her weight!! That's the first time I have heard that.
Enjoy her!

mag said...

super cute to the MAX lady.

also that last picture looks like she just flew in from san diego! so so cute.

glad you are home. i hope you heal up fast. can't wait to hear more about the babe!

take care.

lisabttc said...

Amazing pics!!! I'm SOOO happy for you guys :-D :-D