Thursday, August 2, 2012

Final NST

It went well this morning. Zoe was cooperating FINALLY and was moving around all over the place. Probably helped that I had some yummy sugary trail mix for part of my breakfast lol.
I don't eat enough for it to be a problem, but I did still have a good bit.
Her reactions or whatever were looking good though :)

OH and last night or this morning, can't remember... I felt her SUPER low. I swear I probably could've touched her (think it was her hand) if I wanted to up my vajangle. That's how low I felt her. She was right there.
Hopefully she doesn't try to come out with her hand/arm by her head though.

Photos time!
Scanned in some photos to share. Yes, it's me and my brother as kids. Just to show that damnit... we WERE once adorable hehe.

Baby me... think this photo was taken for my passport. I think Zoe is gonna have that much hair too. Not much but not totally bald :P

My brother. His first birthday.

My first birthday :D Not sure what it's called when they do this... and not sure if it's just for girls? *shrugs* I want to do it for Zoe though.... mostly b/c I just want to dress her up in something like that hehe.
And that's my brother being the giant goof he is.

And more of myself and my bro :)

Goofy faces and my pants hiked up to my armpits. WOO!

Wish I had more photos of him when he was little, but I guess those were in the sticky pages albums. Sigh....
Good times good times.
And when I say we were adorable.. come on.. how can you argue? lol
Not saying we are NOW.... puberty is a cruel cruel bitch. *nodnod*

Now... just need to get some baby photos of DH. Not sure who the hell has any. He needs to bug his family about it though.
We still have 3 white square picture frames. Was going to do cute little drawings in them, but I like the idea of having a photo of myself and DH as babies, and then have the middle be of Zoe when she arrives :)
Start our family picture wall.

Still need to get photos of the stuff MiL bought for us. It's in the dryer right now and meh, I don't feel like getting it out. I will later.


Shari said...

Cute pictures of you and your bro!!

Only a few more days and you will be welcoming lil' Zoey into the world! I hope it is smooth and recovery goes quickly for you!

I will be looking forward to reading your birth story :)

ZomGal said...
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LisaL said...

Thanks :D I'll post it up as soon as possible. Neither DH or I have any kind of mobile internet access device (ipod, phone capable of that, laptop etc) so it won't be until we get back home though.