Sunday, August 5, 2012

2 days! O_O

DH set up the baby monitor yesterday. Not sure how it works exactly and it sounds a bit PITA b/c you can't have too much movement in the room or it will set off the motion detection on it. We'll see how it works soon enough though.

DH is so cute. I know I gush over him, but just can't help it.
He's so nervous about being a new dad and just being around a new baby!
Im sure every new parent, specially those that didn't grow up around babies are nervous about that aspect as well. I know I am.
It's like, you know babies aren't super fragile or anything, but you can't help but treat them that way, I guess until you're used to being around them, handling them etc.
We'll get used to it quick enough, but it's still so cute that he's nervous about that hehe.

Man... I just can't wait until Tuesday. Or well, tomorrow to see if I have to go in Monday night.
I'm really not nervous about the induction or labor in general, think I just have worries about the "What ifs" though as Im sure every woman does.
What if something goes wrong? What if baby get distressed? What if what if what if.
That can't be helped I guess.
I'm sure I'll be hooked up to all sorts of monitors and whatnot and will be in the best place possible if, gawd forbid, anything does go wrong.

Just so excited. Soon we'll be meeting our little daughter!!!!


lisabttc said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!! <3

Toni Rapp said...

How exciting, the time is almost here. hoping for good delivery and can't wait to see your little Zoe :-)

Cayman4 said...

Don't be surprised if the monitor goes off a lot in the beginning. It takes a lot of adjusting to get it just right where it detects her movement anywhere in the crib. Sometimes they will wiggle to the corner and if the setting isn't right it will go off. I just want you to be prepared and not have a heart attack when it goes off. It scared the hell out of me the first few times. I don't think DH or I have ever moved so fast lol.

Melody said...

My sons monitor only went off once. When he was first born and only 6lbs he rolled onto his side and didn't weigh enough to push down on the monitor (under the mattress)

You need to have the sensitivity (on the back there is a little dial from 0-5) low. I know it seems like the higher the better but with this monitor it's lower the better. When set close or at 5 it will pick up things like the fan and will be detecting movement even if god forbid something happens to the baby. The lower the setting (mine is at 2) it only picks up the baby.
I had the one you have in the beginning and loved it even as he slept in our bedroom. Now I bought the video angelcare because he's in his own room and I love it even more.

Good luck with your induction. I was induced with my son early on a saturday and had my son at 1230am Monday.

LisaL said...

Thanks so much for the tips and well wishes everyone :)
We were messing around with the monitor earlier. Fan didn't seem to interfere with it thankfully. I'm sure we'll have to adjust things though once the LO is home :)
Yeah, I can already tell that it's going to give me a heart attack when/if it goes off lol.