Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All advice is welcome!

Wanted to post really quick while DH is home (he's going out to friend's house.. yes.. with my blessing lol)...

Seriously, I appreciate all the advice given. New parent... I have no idea what I'm doing so hearing experiences from veterans helps a bunch.

We tried swaddling her again the other night and she absolutely hated having her arms imobile. She struggled against the blanket and just looked miserable not being able to move.
May try it again and just stick to it though if it helps any.
She hasn't slept well again today either. May be a growth spurt though b/c each time she wakes, she wants to eat.
I got in a whopping 5min nap :P lol

And yep... I do love the wipes warmer! heh Only complaint is that since the wipes are wet.. they cool off VERY quickly so ya gotta hurry to use them before they make baby's butt cold again ;)

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juliane2004 said...

Try this swaddling method:

We thought our first daughter hated swaddling, so we stopped early (2 weeks?) and she barely slept. Then we found this method at 10 weeks, tried it, and she slept for 7 hrs straight. It was great.