Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sleep at night!

Oh Zoe was doing so well sleeping at night. It's still not terrible, but she's seems to be waking more during the night and sleeping more during the day. That's just not gonna cut it! lol
We try waking her up but she just goes right back to sleep after we change her, feed her etc.

I dunno WTH I'm gonna do with having to pump, take care of her etc etc on my own. And during the night when DH starts back to work.... it's gonna be rough.

I forgot to mention in my last post that I'm sure my 24hr induction/labor didn't do anything to help w/ the pain either. Even though I had the epi doesn't mean my body wasn't doing a lot of work. So I'm sure that along w/ the actual c-sec increased the amount of pain I was in and still am in. It's not so bad now, still don't feel great, but thankfully not as bad.
Only had to take one ibuprofin and 2 tylenol today and that's mainly for a headache that does not want to go away.

My dang fanny pack still hurts though. Think it's b/c there's still a considerable amount of swelling/water in that pooch. Was thinking about putting on the belly band to try to I dunno.. squeeze it out or something lol *shrugs*

My milk supply still sucks. Sigh. Thinking about adding in protein powder to see if that will help (thanks for the tips btw SLESE). Fenugreek seemed to help a little. I'm pumping just over 1oz, but yeah, that's still not nearly what I should be getting.
I've been doing it every 2-3hrs and sigh... it's just frustrating when you're doing everything right and still nothin.
Thank goodness for formula though. I'm still gonna try to get my supply up naturally, but if still nothing by the time my 6w appointment, I may ask for a med to help.
I REALLY don't want to do that though so going to try everything else first.

And yep... fenugreek def makes you smell like maple syrup. It's frickin weird lol.

Gonna go lay down for a bit see if that helps get rid of this headache.


SLESE1014 said...

I hope Zoe remembers that night time is for sleeping :) I'm sure you're going to be awesome when you're on your can do it! If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to email me or might want to look into La Leche League in your area for more help!

You're doing awesome!!!

Melody said...

Pumping is never going to be as efficient as a baby nursing. The only really natural way to increase your supply is to get Zoe to nurse. Have what they call a nurse in. Lay in bed all day and just have her nurse. It will REALLY help.
Some women just don't respond to pumps that well. And even tho what you are getting is pretty average it still just might not be working like it should. Honestly I would say put the pump away and let your baby just nurse!

I'm 7 months in now and my son doesn't take a bottle so we just nurse. I thought I wanted him to take one but I like knowing I'm his only source of nutrition (we aren't starting solids till he's 9 months). I have no idea how much he eats at a time and I like it like that. He just eats how much he wants and when he wants. (he also went from 6.4 to over 21lbs now).
It's a hard thing to just trust your body to make what she needs but just do! The sad thing is you will end up having to stop giving breast milk sooner than you probably would want because even the best pumps aren't as good as a baby. And it will just make your milk supply go down and down.
Good luck!

hope4two said...

Have you tried eating oatmeal as well? I heard that works to help increase supply and also there is a lactation cookie out there you can make. I would keep putting her at your breast, even if she doesn't latch, it might help stimulate your milk better and produce more? Just a thought. And try the belly wrap, it might help with the swelling. But in all honesty, it might take a while for that to go down, like maybe a month? Hang in there! You are doing a great job! More Zoe pics please :)

Shari said...

I have heard that pumps are not effecient (some women luck out that it works really well for them). I could only pump 4 oz every 8 hours when I was trying to dry myself up (that was the most I ever got).

Like the others said, try to get Zoe to the boob as much as possible.

lisabttc said...

I hope the sleep, pain, and milk issues get better! Sounds like you are doing such a great job! That is some hard work, for sure! Hugs!!