Thursday, August 2, 2012

Can't sleep..... again

Story of my life right now. SIGH
Woke up around 3am and yep, here I am 2hrs later wide awake.
Stupid body! You would think our bodies would try to get as much rest as possible in these last few weeks of pregnancy, but nope. It's the exact opposite. I guess it makes sense in a way since having a LO is going to keep us up even more.
Still sucks though...

Ok, so lets say you have a bunch of old photo albums and someone wants them. What's the easiest way to give them the photos?
Send them in the photo albums right?
Pffft, wrong... well apparently wrong according to my dumbass dad.
We have old photo albums that I've been bugging him to send me for a while now. Some of those photo albums, the pages are sticky. So what does his dumbass try to do? He tries to peel off old 30+yo photos out of these albums instead of just sending me the entire thing!!
He sent me a box of photos, and some of them are just totally ruined b/c he tried to peel them out. UGH I'm just so frickin done with him.

Anyway, speaking of the photos.... damn... I was a cute ass baby!
I say that with absolutely no shame lol. Seriously, I was ADORABLE when I was little.
Now... eh not so much :P lol
Same with my brother.... he was such a cute baby and kid.... and then he grew up. heh.
I'll scan some photos later and post them up.

Damnit, there was something important I wanted to get before baby comes. Thought of it last night while trying to get to sleep and now I can't remember what it was. SIGH!
Can't remember if it was house related, nursery, baby, me, dh, us, what. Just remember it was like a "Oh yeah! We need to get this too."
Have no flippin idea what it was though.

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