Saturday, August 4, 2012

3 days!!

*happy dance* So glad it's the weekend :)
Last night's family dinner wasn't so bad. Of course MiL and DH's aunt were excited and asked if we were. Thought they'd be annoying but thankfully they didn't go too crazy lol.

We went to Walmart afterwards. BIG mistake. Frickin forgot that it's tax-free weekend! They were busy as hell AND we still forgot what we went there for to begin with. DUH.
Think we're going to brave it or Target this morning. I want to get a wallet or something smallish so I won't have to carry around my purse along w/ a diaper bag. Only reason I carry a purse is for my debit, driver's license etc stuff anyway. Everything else.. meh.

Actually slept pretty well last night. Probably helps that I didn't actually go to bed until midnight.
I just didn't feel tired at all and wanted to watch the Olympics.
Frickin NBC though. Was waiting up all night to watch the trampoline event... and what do they do? Leave it for the last possible second and THEN only show 3 athletes doing it. WTF???
Did get to see that 15yo swimmer totally kick everyone's ass though. That was cool heh.

Anyway... boooo NBC.

When I did finally go to bed... I guess I was more tired than I realized b/c I got to sleep pretty quick and only got up twice to pee during the night. Probably helps that I was kinda dehydrated and wasn't drinking anything like I usually do after using the bathroom though.

Zoe was going crazy while I was watching tv. She loooooooves laying towards my left side. Her booty pointed towards the left so she can stretch her little legs out to the right.
She was kicking and moving all over the place. It was so cool feeling whatever knobby part she was moving around heh. There was one point when it felt like she stretched her legs towards my ribs and then really quickly pulled it back in.
Not sure if she was startled by something or what. Silly little monkey.

And finally for now.... once baby girl is born... I'm going to start posting again on my TTC blog. I posted a link to it over on the right *points*

Guess I could've just made a new blog for baby shit, but meh... just use what I already have up.
Plus I'll be posting about losing weight again, on the road to start TTC again, etc etc so I think my other blog will be appropiate for that :)

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Jen said...

You are totally going to have your baby girl before I do. :( I just knew my kid was going to be a stubborn butt. LOL I can't freaking wait to see pics of Zoe!