Friday, August 3, 2012

Offtopic & photos

Thought of this a few days ago...

Stores really need to offer other types of registries. Birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc.

Obviously with Christmas and birthday ones.. it would kinda ruin any sort of surprise, but come on... how many times have we all gotten crap we don't want? How much easier would it have been if you could've just pointed someone to a Birthday or Christmas registry with all of the stuff you'd like on it? Plus it would help people shop for those folks that are difficult to buy for.

I think it's a very good idea *nodnod*

And photos :)
Stuff that MiL gave to us. Think some of the clothes might be hand-me-downs from SiL.

Cute blankets that MiL made. The prints are so cute and cheery

More wash clothes, mittens and socks

Couple of footie pjs that will be nice when it starts getting cooler. Not sure if these are from SiL

Hilarious onesie. It's so appropiate too. I swear.. FiL can and will sleep ANYWHERE. He's actually fallen asleep in a restaraunt before. The guy can sleep through anything and everything.

Super soft and warm outfit for when it gets cold

Newborn shirt. I think this one is from SiL, b/c I'm pretty sure I remember my neice wearing it..... honestly.. I hate it and think it's hideous and will conveniently forget that we have it so I don't have to put baby in it :P lol
Man I'm so bitchy! lol

She also bought a breathable bumper that I forgot to get a photo of. Meh, oh well.

And for the hell of it... a bump shot. 38w3d
Thought maybe my bump looked lower. Doesn't really in the photo.. def getting that kind of torpedo look to it heh. She must've been sticking her booty out
Not pictured are the new stretch marks I'm getting BLEH!
Have a few more small ones showing up on the other side of my belly button. Thankfully don't have that much more to go so FX they'll disappear after!

And is it weird that I like poking my belly button? It's still an innie, but there are certain positions I sit in that will make the upper part of it kind of poke out and it's all squishy lol. I can only imagine how amused I would be if I had an outie or if it flattened hehe.

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