Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rough but ok.

Man oh man. Not sure what is going on with Zoe but she didn't really nap for any extended length of time yesterday.
She would keep drifting off and then 2-5mins later would wake up again.
The longest she slept was when I made the blog post and that was about hmm... 30mins.
She was def tired and yawning all day but I guess just couldn't get to sleep. Poor baby.

I was doing well until 8pm hit. I wanted to go to bed but stayed up to pump at 9. And of course DH wanted to go to bed then and wanted to leave baby with me. Seriously dude?
I stayed up because HE made a stink about me not pumping on a stricter schedule and then HE wants to leave Zoe with me while I'm pumping. Yeah, I get he's tired and worked all day, but WTF did I do all day? Def wasn't sitting around the house with a thumb up my ass.
Anyway, I glared at him good and hard and he got the point :P lol

Gotta make this quicker b/c Zoe is having difficulties napping again it seems :(

Speaking of DH, it's like someone has lit a fire under his balls. He can not take his hands off of me and is seriously counting down the days until my 6w appointment LOL.
The idea of not being able to DTD is making him extra interested in it for some reason. Sigh....
I have almost no interest in it right now b/c I'm still bleeding. It's not heavy or anything but any bleeding usually just saps away any libido.
Bleeding is annoying and I wish it would stop already. It teases me. It will be like it's going away, and then BAM it will pick back up. It's not heavy or anything, more like a light period when it does pick up, but still... BLEH!

Pumping SUCKS. There I said it!
It feels like I'm living life 2-3hrs at a time.
The last couple of days I haven't pumped regularly. I mean I did but it wasn't every 2 hours and my supply is paying for it right now. I hate that I can't even have a frickin day without it causing problems with my supply :(
I'l keep on it though b/c I know Zoe is getting some benefit from the milk I am pumping. Just wish it wasn't so damn tedious and fickle.

Zoe had an appointment yesterday. She's up to 8lbs 11oz and 21inches long! O_O My big girl :D
Everything looked great with her though and she got her first vaccination shot. She did not like that and neither did I. I started to tear up when she cried.

Erm what else....

I miss being pregnant. I don't miss the discomforts, but everything else.... I miss it. Miss the big baby bump, miss feeling her squirming around in there... sigh.... I can't wait to have another! heh

Had something else I wanted to mention, but I forgot.... so instead.... Zoe photos!

In her cute footie PJs. Yes it's frickin adorable, but a pain. This one is NB size and she's already almost too big for it.

My brother and his wife were supposed to come over this day which is why I put her in this onesie. They didn't show but oh welp.

Zoe catching some quick snoozes in the carseat before her appointment. She smiles just as she's going to sleep. I had the camera ready this time. Want to get a photo when she does one of her big gummy smiles heh

And taken just a couple mins ago.... my non-napping baby in my lap.... sharting up a storm. Ew...


Shari's Crafty Corner said...

Don't you hate that when men pull that crap!! lol DH has only gotten up with DD once in 11 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to strangle him ALL the time...haha

Pumping sucks is right!! I hated it and I was just doing it to dry myself up...lol Its hard when there are no extra hands. My hat is off to you for continuing to pump!!

She is a cutie!! Love the pic of her smiling while sleeping!

unaffected said...

She's just so freaking adorable! And that cute onesie does look like it's getting a bit on the snug side, lol.

Pumping doesn't sound very fun :( But I'm proud of you for sticking it out! I hope little Zoe decides to sleep a bit better today! I'm sure she's exhausted, just like mama!

hope4two said...

She is SO cute! Love it! For naps my son was similiar, he seemed to nap longer if he was at an incline (ie in the swing, bouncy seat or boppy) He didn't sleep well laying flat for many months. Hopefully that helps! Hang in there! Around 3 weeks they go through a growth spurt too and want to eat A LOT! So maybe she is hitting it a little early too...

lisabttc said...

She is just perfect! So cute! I love the smile :-) I hope things smooth out for you! Phew, must be tiring but you're doing good!