Friday, August 24, 2012

Thanks so much!

Just wanted to post really quick and HUGE HUGE

Thank you!

to everyone giving me breastfeeding/pumping advice. It is SO appreciated.
Honestly, I'm not sure if I want to breastfeed. I enjoyed the closeness but the nip pain and her frustration at not latching correctly & my limited options for positions to get her on the boob... I'm not sure if it's something I'm going to go back to. MAYBE, but maybe not....really haven't decided on it yet.

Pumping has been... not bad. I pump every 2-3hrs and my supply seems to be steady for now. Maybe get more or less here and there but it's not a huge difference.
I'm pumping enough to give her a bottle of breast milk when she's hungry so although it's not a huge supply w/ leftovers to freeze, it's sufficient to give to her most of her feedings.
Had a day or 2 where most of her feedings came from breastmilk. Makes me happy to be able to provide that for her... plus it saves us money if we don't have to use the formula lol.

Anywho.... just wanted to say all of that, but mostly just wanted to say Thanks to everyone :)

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Anonymous said...

Breast feeding is tough it sucks that something so natural is so hard. I struggled in the beginning but I never gave any formula and I think that was the biggest help (for working thru it and still bf) I had cracks and mastitis, so I def didn't have it easy.
It's sad if you eventually have to give up pumping because well pumping sucks!! So I hope you stick with it. I don't think formula is awful tho I'm soo glad I never used it for my son. My niece had to have it as my sister never produced enough milk and without it who knows what would have happened.
I remember when I had the bad crack and I finally knew why women gave up.
By giving her your milk even for a short time is obviously beneficial so of you let go of the pumping don't feel bad