Friday, August 3, 2012

4 days to go!

Counting today that is.
Broke down and cried this morning.
They were happy tears though. Just finally having our family... the thought overwhelmed me and I bawled in to my pillow.
Not that we weren't a family before or anything.

Kinda torn if I want this weekend to fly by or if I want it to go slowly. I want to spend these last couple of days with DH, but then again... I want our baby girl in our arms already. We'll see what happens I guess heh.

She has been a lot more active these last couple of weeks. Always read that their movements become less? or something like that, but that is not the case with her. Seems like when she's awake, she's awake for longer now and moves around like crazy in there. Gotta cherish it while I can.
Even after all of this time, I'm still fascinated by the movements and watching my bump go crazy from it heh.

Actually slept pretty well last night. I did end up taking about an hour nap yesterday afternoon. Kept waking myself up from snoring though heh.
Didn't go to bed until 11:30. Stayed up and watched some of the Olympics. Then I tossed and turned and got up to use the bathroom 3 times in 30mins, but eventually fell in to a good sleep.
Would've slept in a bit more this morning but our dogs internal clocks are so used to the routine we have that they start waking up and making noise etc.

MiL called at frickin 9:40 last night. Keep in mind that we go to bed at 10.
She thought I had seen the doctor yesterday and wanted to know how the appointment went. Uhm... why she couldn't call sooner is beyond me.
This is why I REALLY don't want anyone else in the room as I deliver. She was a frickin annoying nervous wreck after SiL gave birth and would not shut up.
It's going to be bad enough having her visit while I'm in labor. I love her, but.... go away b/c you're stressing me out!

Ok... ungrateful time... well not really ungrateful, but I feel like I am complaining.
I HATE the diaper bag SiL gave me.
It's just one of those simple tote kinds w/ a large pocket in front and back. I HATE HATE HATE IT.
I really wish she hadn't bought it for me b/c it's just not me at all. When she first gave it, I was ok with it, but then after having it for a while... just no.
For one thing... there are only 2 short straps on it meaning I can't carry it around any other way except for my hand. I NEED something I can sling over my shoulder/neck.
And then... it's just a PoS construction.
I washed it b/c it stunk of cig smoke and something in between the inner layer and outter layer came loose and is in pieces in there. NM that the stitching on it is coming loose and creating holes already.

I do appreciate her thinking of me and getting it, but like I said... I really wish she hadn't or at least asked me what I wanted first.

Will probably go out and get myself a different one. I told DH last night that I was just going to use his, and his words
"Nuh uh! That's MY diaper bag!" HAHAHAHAHA so cute!
Anywho... If we had the money to spend on one, I wouldn't mind a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag. I'm really not one to go crazy over bags at all... but these are SO nice. They have the long strap that I like... they also have backpack straps too! Tons of pockets and just look nice.
Buy Buy Baby had some last time we went and.. sigh...
They're so frickin expensive though.. so I'll just keep on dreaming :P heh

These are the 2 fabric designs that I like though

Sigh.... I wants.....

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