Saturday, August 11, 2012

Zoe spam

No birth story yet. It's coming though, just been tired, busy, trying to figure things out basically heh.

Quick update though. Zoe's jaundice got a little worse so we have to use this ultraviolet light thing on her all day or as much as we possibly can. It's not that bad, just awkward at times.
Her jaundice has been causing her to sleep a lot more though. Poor baby :(
She seems to be getting better already though. We've been instructed to increase her feedings quite a bit to get her to poop more and that along with the UV thing... it seems to be working already.

Anyway, more Zoe spam for now :)
What she wore to her first ped appointment. She looks so big b/c of the cloth diaper heh. It's HUGE and bulky looking on her.

What she wore on the way home from the appointment. We had to undress her and put on a clean diaper and she started to poop as soon as DH opened up the diaper. Poo juice got sprayed a bit everywhere. Ew.

A couple of photos taken at different times to show that she knows how to hold in her pacifier. It surprised the heck out of DH and I when she did it the first time and even more after the 2nd. Clever little monkey butt :)
Also never thought we'd be using a pacifier but we'd rather her suck on that rather than suck on her hands. I'll explain in birth experience why pacifier was started.

After her first bath at home tonight :)

Nice and warm in her sleep sack

Camo girl w/ the UV thing on underneath.


Amy and Robert said...

she is simply gorgeous, glad to have followed your journey for so long. Congrats mama!

lisabttc said...

Awwwwwww she is SO CUTE!! Big CONGRATS!! I was stalking all the updates on TWW :-) It's amazing to see your little miracle after following your story <3

Anonymous said...

My son had a little billi too but I just breastfed a lot and got him really pooping and he was good.
Good luck!
Also it makes them really tired and they usually have a hard time bf so if she is don't worry. Once she feels better it will all go back to normal!

Meike said...

Oh she is sooo cute . I had to laugh at the poo juice , Ben pooped on the table at his 2 day check up LOL

Megan said...

Congrats, she is beautiful!

baylord1 said...

Absolutely beautiful! Congrats!