Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2 weeks

2 weeks old today. Geeze.
Feels like an eternity but also like it flew by at the same time. Hard to believe that Zoe was born just 2 weeks ago.

She is doing well. We're trying to get her to stay up during the day a bit more so she'll sleep at night better. We only started yesterday pretty much so we'll see how that goes lol.
She's such a cute little monkey though.... even when she's crying up a lung :P lol
Still doesn't like diaper changes but we're used to that now.
We're still using disposables on her until her cord falls off. It's pretty crusty and hard so hopefully that will happen soon. Save us some money since we're having to buy formula.

I'm ok. Fanny pack still aches but not as bad. It along with the rest of my stomach is SO jiggly. It's gross, but to be expected.
Finally down below 200lbs again so woo! heh I know the fanny pack and a little bit of the rest of my stomach is retaining some water, but my legs seem to be back to normal finally. Yay :D
Pumping is ok. Still not getting too much boob juice, but any little bit to give to her is ok by me. Sucks that we have to supplement with formula b/c it's damn expensive, but anything to keep her happy and fed :) We only just now had to buy formula. Everything we've been using before has been samples and free stuff which is frickin awesome. Wish we could've gotten more.
Thankfully it doesn't seem like anything I eat disagrees with her stomach so I haven't really had to watch what I've been eating.

Erm... think that's about it. Swear I'll start posting on the other side soon.... or soonish heh.
Sleep is still greatly desired but it's getting better. I'm gonna def be doing the "sleep when baby sleeps" thing when DH goes back to work. I sleep like crap at night and with him going back I'm going to have to start getting up with her to let him sleep so he can at least half way function at his job heh.
It's all good. We'll adjust.

Anywho! Zoe spam!


SLESE1014 said...

too bad she's not cute or anything...holy cow what a sweetie!

It really does fly by...My little girl is 8.5 months old already!

Good luck with the sleep when baby sleeps....I never could get that down. I was always trying to get things done and just when I had time to lay down either she woke up or it was time to pump...Sleep deprivation just became my norm :)

Keeping you in my're doing awesome!!!

socialite_baby said...

There's no such thing as spam with a baby that adorable! Congratulations!! :D

Anonymous said...

zoe is sooo cute! if i can just offer a few opinions, feel free to blow me off of course though, as she is your baby and you should do things as you see fit.
first, a little background. i have breastfed two babies that are now in their 20s.
i have been a neonatal nurse looking after prem babies since 1993. i require extensive breastfeeding training to maintain my nursing credentials.
ok, now the real stuff. when i had my babies, i was told by the nurses that breastfeeding is harder than you think it is going to be and that you have to be really commited to succeed. that was the best advice i ever got. anyway, what it comes down to is the old supply and demand theory. my best advice to you, if you really want to breastfeed and i mean REALLY. Throw away the formula. Put her to the breast as often as she likes. It may take a few days of nipple pain/frustration to get it sorted...but our bodies work like that. It is all supply and demand. Sometimes, pumping isn't quite the same as a babe at the breast. So, (it is YOUR choice), if you really want to breastfeed her, tough it out for a few days until she and your body adjust to each other and it will be just takes time. wishing you both all the best for a great nursing experience xoxo and remember the key part is supply and demand/put the baby to the breast and your body will adapt, it might be painful for you both at first (she is hungry, you are engorged), but your body knows what to do if you just give it some time.

lisabttc said...

*Awww* Just awww! :-D

juliane2004 said...

Congrats!!!! Didn't see these posts till now. I had my girl on Aug 6 :)

Anyways, I wanted to also say: Please please please don't "get her to stay up longer in the day". It backfires! Babies get overtired EXTREMELY easily.
Here's the guideline we use.

Second Guideline for Awake time for babies
0-4 weeks: 30-45 minutes
4-6 weeks: 40-60 minutes
6-8 weeks: 40-70 minutes
8-12 weeks: 50-80 minutes
3-4 months: 60-90 minutes
4-5 months: 1 hr to 1.5 hrs
5-6 months: 1.5 hours
6-9 months: 2 hours, give or take 15 minutes

So for me with my girl at 2.5 weeks old, she should be awake for about 45 minutes total, including eating, diapering and falling back asleep. This means by the time we diaper her and feed her, it's time to go back to bed. We put her down swaddled but awake (with music and a fan for white noise) and she falls asleep on her own (no crying).

Do what works for you, but I highly recommend not forcing her to stay awake too long. They get very very overtired quickly.

Again, congrats!!!

Feel free to email me if you have questions :)

alyssa dot gavinski at gmail dot com