Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nothin much

Went to Target. Thankfully wasn't as busy as I was fearing. Probably b/c it was still kinda early. Bought some wax strips ehehehe.... that's gonna be awkward and painful!
Going to go in to my induction with one strip of hair gone and the rest still hairy rofl.

Bought some Arby's for lunch and boiled peanuts on the way home. Yum yum!!! If you've never had boiled peanuts... they're DELICIOUS!
Don't buy the canned crap they sell in stores.... you can make your own very easily if you have the time.
Salt, water, & raw peanuts in the shell. You could add in other spices if you want but it's really not necessary IMO. Boil until they're the hardness you want. I like mine kind of more on the soft/mushy side so that's hours. You can find good instructions on the net for how to do it *nodnod*

We were debating on going to the movie. I was flip flopping on it and then just said screw it.. lets go.
I really had no interest in seeing the Total Recall remake, but it wasn't a bad movie. Still like the original one better, but this new one isn't bad.

Anywho... back home and trying to figure out what I want to eat for dinner heh.
We had buffalo wings last night... or well, I did and DH had a chicken sandwich thing..... wings still sound good though. BUT so does Chinese... steak sounds good too, but think I may want to wait until Monday night for that one.
I'll see what DH wants but I know he's just going to leave it up to me as usual... sigh.

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