Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Yay neighborhood!

So we took the kids to this shopping center thing last night. Select stores were passing out candy and HOLY SHIT... there were so many people!!! Great right? Yeah, no... the sidewalks weren't big enough for the amount of traffic and the stores were not prepared for the number of kids.
Supposedly, a lot of stores ran out of candy which is a load of bullshit. Felt like a lot of them either didn't give candy to begin with OR, their employee assigned to give the candy said F-it and gave it all out really quick so they could leave.

But yeah.. that was a big clusterf-. Kids seemed to have fun even though they didn't get much.

Oh but we got there early b/c Moe's has $5 burritos on mondays. Everyone else had the same idea AND that Moe's seemed to only have first day employees working. Seriously... DH stood in line for almost half an hour and there really weren't that many people in front of him.

Anyway, we hit up some of the stores, but just kinda hoofed it back to the car and went home to go trick or treating in the neighborhood.
First half of the neighborhood was dead. Almost no porch lights on.
But the back half came through. Still not a ton of lights, but a lot in a relatively small area. So we walked the kids around and they loved it and got a lot of candy from the neighbors :) Started off not so great, but ended well with Oren and Zoe getting lots of candy.
Only reason to have more than one kid... you get more candy on Halloween! :P rofl

No pics. It was dark, my phone was under Ez in the stroller and yeah... I already posted pics of them in their costumes lol.

Anyway, hoping next year we'll have coordinated costumes :D I want to dress up too damnit! I didn't this year, but next year I will :)
DH wants to participate in the trunk or treat at his church and I want to give out candy here. Or I'm hoping to. We'll see what happens.
SiL and her husband came over with niece and walked around with us this year. Maybe one of them could stay behind and give out candy.

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