Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2 out of 3 slept in

Too bad the one that didn't was the one that needs me to be up so I couldn't sleep in with the others :(
I dunno why they slept in, but gosh.. I hope it keeps happening!
Ok so I know why Zoe did since she was up a lot last night. Maybe all the noise she made woke Oren up a few times.

Really wish I could have. It took me about 10 or so mins to get back to sleep last night after I posted and washed all the pump stuff. Not too bad. But then Ez started to make the bassinet make noise which kept waking me up and sigh.....
I said screw it and brought him in to bed with me. I don't like bed-sharing at all, but momma needs sleep.

I swear... just turn off some of the noise brain! Not every little noise means my babies are in danger!

Ok so gross TMI moment.
I've been taking the fiber pills we got for Oren too. I could use more in my diet and they've been helping me.
They've also been giving me gas like crazy. SO much gas!! And it seems I always get the most gas when I'm pumping, so I can't shift that well. Now if you're a woman.. you may be able to relate.
So with my butt firmly planted in the chair and needing to fart but not being able to shift much... the fart bubble travels frontwards instead of up the crack. Yeah......... and some of that fart bubble travels up the... ahem...
It's so gross, but 10yo me thinks it's a little funny too when a queef happens. lol

This is my life people... rofl

Still not sure what Zoe meant by her legs wiggling. Maybe restless leg syndrome? Doubt it, but never know.
She's perfectly fine today so far.

It's almost 1pm. Going to put Oren down for a nap soon and try to get one in myself. I did manage to nap off and on for about an hour and a half yesterday. It wasn't very restful though.

Anyway... cuttin this short. If I remember, I'll post some photos later :)

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