Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Black Friday!!

Hope you're all having a great Friday.
Yesterday was a pretty ok Thanksgiving. Food was good.. the company was nice and it was just a good day overall :)

Ezra definitely has stranger danger going on right now with the inlaws. It's so weird b/c he's been around them a lot more than he was my mom and he instantly connected with her.
Hopefully he grows out of it quick. We really didn't have this problem with the other 2.

The other 2 had fun though. Played all day and wore themselves out.
I left at around 4 so I could pump at home. Was just too awkward bringing all the pump stuff there.
I got back at 6 and Oren was ready for bed and only wanted me.
By the time we left (Zoe spent the night), Oren was actually crying to go to bed. That's how pooped he was.

Got a call early this morning from MiL saying that Zoe wanted to come home and they were gonna drop her off. That's pretty strange. Zoe usually doesn't want to come home. So FiL dropped her off. Oh well.

The pudding pie I made was a big hit. None left. Not all of the fudge was eaten, but oh well. There was a lot of food.

Really an uneventful day.

DH did manage to get the tree decorated and some of the outside lights put up :D YAY DH!
He made a rookie mistake though and left a lot of ornaments and candy canes within toddler reach.
As soon as Oren realized there were candy canes on the tree... he kept grabbing them and trying to eat them so I had to move them all up the tree.
And so far today, I've had to put back half a dozen ornaments.
Thanks DH :\

My milk supply has decreased. Not sure if it's b/c I'm sick, but... guessing so?
I am feeling better, but still a little stuffy and lots of sneezing. It wasn't a bad cold by any means, so I'm not sure if it is the cause for the decrease.

That night that I broke down b/c I couldn't get to sleep... I texted DH about his snoring/apnea. He's been sick so it's been HORRIBLE, but it's still bad even when not sick.

He FINALLY made an appointment to see a doc and will hopefully get a referral to a sleep clinic.
The one down the road from us is associated with a certain hospital and doesn't take our insurance. WTF?? It's not like we have some obscure insurance... it's Blue Cross Blue Shield federal. But nope... that hospital doesn't accept it any longer. Bastards.
Anyway... hopefully wherever he goes gets him in soon and gets him a cpap machine soon. He desperately needs one.
I know he thinks losing weight will help, and it has in the past, but he still snored when thinner and he's not going to get thin over night.
Anyway... I'm just glad he's finally getting it checked out.

UGH, Zoe is watching this youtube channel where the woman destroys every toy she gets. It's usually squishy toys that she'll cut open.
Frickin hate that channel. Gives kids the wrong idea, but I guess maybe also fufills their need to know what's inside something? Like why a toy is squishy.
But still... I hate how wasteful it all is.

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