Friday, November 18, 2016

Good grief... already??

How is it possible that Thanksgiving is less than a week away?? HOW????
We haven't even discussed what everyone is going to do/bring. Obviously it's going to be at MiL's home.
Her dad can't get around much and doesn't like going anywhere so I doubt they'll want to go anywhere else.
They always tell me to bring something... and then never eat it :\
They like Southern food, but they are particular about what they eat. They like what they like and don't like veering off that path :\
Like last year or the year before that. I wanted to try this corn pudding? recipe. Pudding is the wrong word for it. It was like a corn bread type of thing. Spoon bread maybe?
Anyway... it ended up being REALLY tasty and none of them ate any of it :\
Or I'll be told to make some desserts... and then come to find out... MiL made the same stuff (just her own versions) and those usually end up getting eaten over mine. :\
Just frustrating b/c it takes a lot of work to make some of these things that I try and then... no one eats it.
Whatever.. their loss I guess.

So.. we ordered the kids big Xmas present last night.
A motorized car.
The one we originally wanted doesn't seem to be in production any longer or something. Walmart doesn't have it anymore and it's not on Prime any longer AND it's now more expensive than it was.
So yeah... that sucks, but oh well.
The one that DH found should be just as loved. It's a little batmobile one that was over $100 less than the one we had wanted to get :D
It doesn't have the little bed in the back for them to put stuff in, but oh well. I'm sure we could rig some sort of wagon up that can be pulled along.


I was kinda hoping we could get the Disney princess carriage one that Walmart has lol. It's just SO pink and girly. Not that Oren cares, but it would limit how long they could play with it since it's a little enclosed.
It's just such a cool design though. I would want to repaint it though. Maybe make it look like a pumpkin carriage :)

But hey... cheaper car means more money for other presents if we want :)

Ezra is such a little baby chatter box. He's been doing this gurgly sound while 'talking' and it's so darn cute.
He just seems to be a lot more outgoing than Zoe and Oren were. They were both so solemn all the time if someone else had them. Ezra though.. once he warms up to you (which is quick), he's all smiles.

Napping though. Ugh... still a PITA and frustrating when he won't just go to sleep.

He's eating between 4-5oz and yeah... I don't think my boobs are physically capable of making more milk.
I'm a little sad and frustrated about it, but oh well. They make what they make and he'll get what I can give him. He'll be just fine with formula and breastmilk.
I would like to try to keep pumping for at least another month, but I do want to get down to 5... maybe even 4 pumps a day and still getting the same amount. We'll see. 6 pumps isn't so bad, but the less pumping I have to do, the better :D
I will say... it is sad seeing all the bottles on the drying rack now... and that I've had to put so many away bc they're not needed any longer. Sigh....

I was seriously thinking about calling up my doc and asking about one of those drugs that increase milk, but after looking in to it more. Nope! Side effects just seem too scary for something that may not work or work as well as I hope.
Possible depression... Nope! Or getting more tired than I already am? No thanks!

Anyway.. enough for now! :)
Hoping to get some cleaning done this weekend along with starting on a Christmas gift idea :)

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