Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Post before bed

Didn't really want to leave a depressing post up as the only one today. Well... It wasn't all depressing, but ya know.

Anyone else get creeped and weirded out by women that call their sexual partner 'daddy'?
Just fucking..... NO NO NO.
How gross is that?? I mean seriously think about that shit. Ew....
I don't think any woman would like it if men went around calling their sexual partner 'mommy'. YUCK
And it's just weird that any guy likes being refered to that as well. Just.... No.

Oo, sounds like Ez actually went to sleep pretty quick. Was posting while I waited for him to settle and he did fairly quick.
Think maybe starting next week, I'll put him in his bassinet for one of his naps during the day. We'll see though. I just feel so bad when he's trying to nap and some noise wakes him and he gets upset.
While he's used to some noise, he definitely hasn't gotten used to all of it.

Anyway, this ended up shorter than expected and sleep is calling :)

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