Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The ending sucked

The ending of this day. Started off...just ok, but by the time dh got home, I had been dealing with constant whining from oren, Ezra wouldn't go to sleep and Zoe was being loud and hyper.
I was fixing dinner... Made Zoe some hard boiled eggs. She brings back her plate and says she wants more. She looks like a giant mess, but I don't think much of it. That's until I sit down and actually look over to seen that she had taken out all the egg yolks and crmbled them all over where she had been sitting and all over the floor.
I was already at my breaking point and that pushed me over and I yelled. I did restrain some. I don't scream or anything... I'm not psycho, but I did raise my voice and sent her to her room.
So yeah.... Not happy that I didn't keep it together better, but it was better than I would be done before.
It was just a really frustrating end to the day.

And tonight, this morning...whatever you want to call it isn't any better.
Ez keeps moving in,his sleep which makes the bassinet squeak (is that spelled right?) which wakes me up.
My brain,will just not shut off and let me sleep through the noises.
It's just after 4a.m. now and I've been up since 2 bc of it. Said screw it and pumped and fed Ez.

Also Zoe has been getting up tonight and either starts crying bc she says her leg hurts and is wiggling or she tries to sneak in here too early... Sees that its too early and goes back and lays down.
No idea what the wiggly leg is. Maybe it fell asleep and she's trying to describe the feeling when it wakes back up. I dunno.

Anyway... Done pumping.... Need to wash all this mess.

Sorry 8f there are some weird spots in the post. My phone's autocorrect has a mind of its own sometimes.

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