Monday, November 21, 2016

F. U. Snoring!!!!

Should be asleep right now, but nope!! Dh had this cold too. His snoring was already bad. Add in a stuffed up nose and that equals a momma that can't Frickin get to sleep.
Getting a headache now too which is not helping matters and it's pissing me off even more.
Dh just needs to call a f-ing sleep clinic already and get his stubborn ass some help. He'll sleep better and so will I. I'm so tired of this shit.
I already have so much trouble falling asleep in a perfect setting. Uuuuuuuuuugh. I just want to sleep :(

Then I started crying about a poor 4yo girl who had cancer and recently died.
4 fucking years old. Four.....
She had to live however long going through painful treatment that did nothing but make her sick and she died.
I never want to know the pain that those parents are going through.
I just started thinking about Zoe and what if something like that ever happened and it just ripped my heart out of me...and that was just thinking about it. She's so innocent and has such a future ahead of her.
Same for Oren and Ezra. My empathy has just gone crazy for stories like this.
Can't remember if I mentioned it, but there is another where the baby... Who is 2mo I think has terminal cancer and probably won't live to see her first Xmas.
Just... Ugh.... :( my heart truly breaks for those innocent lives and for the families. Before having kids... I would've been sad, but after having my babies.... News like that just tears you up. Sigh....

I'm sorry this post is so depressing.
Not sure if it's lack of sleep, the cold, hormones or what.
About to record Dh so I can show him just how loud his snoring is.... Then take my ass out in to the living room to sleep if he doesn't stop.

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