Sunday, November 13, 2016

So far so good

The road to a less yelly mommy is going well so far.
I've caught myself a couple of times raising my voice, but I stop before it gets to yelling.
Yesterday was certainly a test of patience and keeping our cool. Oren woke up in a mood and was grumpy and whiny ALL day long. ALL. DAY. LONG.
You don't know how much whining annoys you until you have to hear it all day long. Ugh...
Anyway, we both kept it together and made it through without yelling or letting it stress us out.

Zoe is really testing my patience though. Her defiance is still getting worse and the girl is really testing us to see what she can get away with. She is good most of the time, but then she puts those defiant pants on and ignores, gets attitude, etc.
Sigh... oh well... we just gotta parent and teach her how to grow up to not be a shitty person lol.

Ezra has been good. His mostly normal self. Only bad thing is is that for the past 2 fridays. Dinner with the inlaws has been me holding him while he cries b/c he's tired. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have stranger danger going on yet and that it's just exhaustion. Every time anyone tried to hold him, he wailed and wouldn't calm down until I held him and rocked him a bit, which took forever. You know how difficult it is to try to eat and not spill anything on your baby? lol
Need to try to do something for this coming Friday. They all want to hold him, but hand him back when he starts to cry. Sigh....

We need to get Oren and Ezra Christmas outfits. Will probably just put Zoe back in the elf footy pjs that we got her last year. Not sure about the boys though. Maybe elf for Oren and get Ezra a little Santa suit :D I'll have to look around online. And I'm sure we'll take a trip to Walmart to see what they have. They usually have really cute Christmas stuff like that for babies.

Maybe also get them more dressy up stuff to get photos of the 3 in. We'll see what happens.
We've been spending too much recently. Buying Christmas gifts for charity and the kids. So yeah.. we just gotta cool it with the spending for right now.

Oh my goodness. We FINALLY sorted through the mountain of clean clothes in our room. I'd say 99% of the kids clothes were in our room. Seriously.
It's just that the kids take a shower with me, so all of their clothes get mixed in with ours.. and we're lazy and don't fold our clothes so everything just piles up.

DH and my clothes have been put away....
I just did Zoe's today which took a lot longer than I had anticipated lol. Girl has a TON of clothes.
Ended up just putting it all up, but I really need to go through it and take out things she's outgrown. Not worried about it though. Just wanted to get it in to her dresser and closet.

Still need to do Oren's and Ezra's clothes. Even though Oren doesn't have as many clothes, it will probably take just as long since I do need to go through and take out the things he's outgrown.
His head is massive and it would never fit in to his smaller clothes lol.
We really need to get him a few more things. Specially with his nasty poop problem. He leaks quite a bit so needs a lot of clean pants to wear.

Anyway, that's my life right now. It's not exciting, but it is what it is and I love it. Well... I might love it a bit more if I got more sleep, but ya take what you can get ;) lol                                                          

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