Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I love the cold!

It's been a while since I could actually feel cold and it's just so so nice. SO nice! I love cold weather b/c it means I can snuggle up in some blankets and get all warm and snuggly. Love it!
Kinda wish we had a wood burning fireplace.. although no fireplace would be best. Just put a couple logs in one night... toast some marshmallows with the kids and just sit in front of it and enjoy. Sigh.. sounds so nice.
Right now I have my old lady cardigan on. It's perfect. Lightweight but still thick enough to keep the cold off.
Need to go get a couple more cheap ones. I have a black one somewhere.... no idea where it is though.

Only thing bad about the cold is making sure the kids stay warm. They want to be naked so bad all the time for some reason (I don't remember being this way as a kid lol). So it's pretty cool in the house and here my monkeys are running around without a shirt on.... or Zoe will get it in to her head to go change in to a skirt :\
I'm sure we'll be dealing with a lot of colds this fall & winter.

Ezra is on the floor on his little play mat trying to talk to the toys hanging down. He's starting to get a little fussy but it's so darn cute!! Love it when babies start finding their voice (that isn't screaming and crying).

We really need to stop procrastinating and take Oren in to get some food allergy things done. Not sure what they would do, but something needs to happen. The fiber gummies seemed to help at first, but then he still gets gross poo too and it ends up irritating his butt and his poor balls.
Yes... his poor little berries.
He wasn't even sitting in his poop for that long since I make sure to check him often in the morning since he usually goes then. But it was long enough to irritate everything down there and he screams and cries and kicks during diaper changes. I feel so bad for him b/c I NEED to clean the poop off, but I know it hurts him so much. Next time, I'm just going to pop him in the shower to wash him off. Maybe the warm water will help to keep the pain down some.

Zoe's attitude just keeps growing and growing. Joy :\
Most of the time, she's perfectly fine, but then she gets it in to her head to pitch an attitude. Pfft.. mommy don't play that girl. She already got sent to her room today.. not even an hour after waking up.

DH joked about going primal this week when I asked him what he wanted for dinners (before we went grocery shopping). I said fine. He thought I was joking.
So far so good on the dinners, but my breakfast and lunches need some work.
I REALLY need to start eating better b/c the weight is really piling on right now. My body is in "Winter is coming. Pack on all the pounds!!" mode right now.
I really don't know if I'm going to have any pants and I can wear. So annoyed with myself, but it's also difficult eating non carby crap when you have to prepare everything. I have to take care of 3 kids... pump and then cook up some noncarb food? Pfft yeah right.
Sigh.. I do need to try though. While I'm hoping next year can be focused on getting healthy... I'd like to make it to next year not feeling like a whale.

I dunno what has happened, but I've been peeing a little randomly. It's only just a tiny amount, but it's enough that I NEED to wear panty liners now or else I'd be changing undies multiple times a day. WTH??
I guess it's time to start doing some kegels or something.
Seriously though.. it just started randomly about 2 weeks ago. I thought maybe it was vaginal discharge at first, but no.. it's pee. :\

My nipples are killing me right now. The increase in suction has been wreaking havoc on my poor nipples :( Hope they get used to it soon and I hope I see an increase in my milk supply too.
So far, it's been staying steady, which isn't enough to keep up with what Ez is eating. Still have enough milk stored up to only give him milk for maybe another week if my supply doesn't increase.
I'm cool with giving formula, but again.... I dunno.. it's been nice that I could provide enough that we didn't have to.

Ok, going to try to take a quick nap before Oren wakes up from his.

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