Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Sick baby= a whole lot of spit up all over you... ALL OVER. Sure... it's not really chunky, but it's still disgusting.
Been spit up on twice so far this morning and he's only been up for an hour and a half.
He's constipated too which isn't helping anything settle.

Forgot to mention that we're starting to give him formula. He's going through the pumped milk SUPER quick so we gotta get him used to drinking formula.
Thing is... DH opened up the wrong container of it. He opened up the Baby's Only one that will definitely constipate him if we keep giving it to him.

Was hoping we'd be able to save it and stick it in the freezer, but googling up that info... seems as though you're not supposed to. Oops.
Anyway... oh well... I'd rather waste $10 than having a poor constipated baby (from formula).

Oh.. we got the kids motorized car yesterday. The Fedex truck pulled up right when we got home from Walmart.
Great timing b/c the kids were already in the house and didn't see it.
Well... that's until DH was out in the garage cleaning and didn't cover the giant box good enough. Of course Zoe is going to notice a giant Batman symbol on the side of it and of course she's going to investigate :\
Hopefully she won't remember by the time Xmas rolls around b/c it's supposed to be the Santa gift.

I am not looking forward to going to this coworker's kids birthday party. Only reason I agreed to it was b/c when I was pregnant with Zoe, they gave us their old bassinet and a bunch of clothes for her.
I mean they seem like really nice people from the couple of times Ive met them, but damn.. I'm awkward. I don't wanna socialize!!
And I agreed b/c the birthday party is mid? Dec and I think maybe they'll have trouble finding more kids to come to the party... Their kids are older though so not sure what bringing my youngins will contribute lol. Oh well.. more presents for their kids though so meh.
I'll suck it up and adult as well as I can I guess.

My black ghost knife fish died :( Poor thing. It's all my fault too. I just can't keep up with cleaning the fish tanks like I used to. I would love to drain the tank it was in and really give it a good cleaning one of these days b/c it REALLY needs it. It's so gross in that tank. I'm surprised there are fish still alive in it.
I think one of these weekends.. I'm gonna clean it... really well. Take as much of the gunk out that I can and clean out the filter and everything. Give that tank the TLC that it needs so I can make it the big pretty fish tank that it used to be. And to make DH happy, maybe even transfer the fish from the 55gal in to it so we can take it down.
Hopefully that will happen soon... ish.
Have a lot of stuff that needs to get done in the little bit of free time that I have.

Ok... Ez is fighting a nap and I need to fix some food for myself and the kidlettes :)

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