Thursday, November 3, 2016

Well that was slightly gross

Ok.. so when I was pregnant with Oren.. these moles popped up on my areolas. They were only as big as a montgomery glands so it's not like they were popping out like I was growing multiple nipples or anything. Just small moles that were darker than my areolas.
So anyway... I had one on my left one that was starting to.. I dunno... separate from it a bit b/c of the pumping.
Remember when I said that pumping caused the darker skin on my areola to essentially rub/flake off?
Well that has happened with some of the moles too.
It's just... weird. Had it happen last night and saw it stuck to the inside of the flange and I dunno.. got a little disgusted by it but also happy that it came off too rofl.
It's just weird that pumping is doing this to my nips. Is it the same for breastfeeding? Imagining that there isn't as much friction with an infant so they wouldn't cause something like this to happen lol.

So I know this is going to seem really insensitive since one of the dogs did just die yesterday, but we have been discussing about what our next dog is going to be for a while now.
I don't see it as replacing if/when we get another dog.. it's just adding another member to the family.

Anyway.... a part of me really wants to just adopt a dog, BUT... I also want pure bred dogs. One we're going to have to save for b/c pure breds are frickin expensive!

First... while I would love to get a pug... I also want a BIG dog. If there was a local breeder of them in our state.. I would want an Irish Wolfhound.
But since there isn't... I want a Bullmastiff.
But DH doesn't want one quite that big and the drool......
I'd be happy with a corgi too. Small but not... and those stubby legs would be awesome too lol.
I dunno.. we probably won't be getting another dog to add to the pack any time soon. Well if it was up to me, we'd already have another dog lol.
We'll see what happens. Just know that it's going to be a puppy.
I think it's great that people adopt adult dogs, but I need to raise the dog myself to be able to trust it.. especially if it's a large breed. With 3 small children.. whatever dog we get is going to have to get used to being around them.

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