Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It never fails...

Never fails... never fails!!!
So Ezra's been waking up at night at around 1:30 sometimes 2. He'll just start moving around and making little sounds that wakes me up.
I'll keep trying to give him his paci in hopes that he'll go back to sleep until finally I just give in and get up and make him a bottle (put a bottle of milk in some warm water).
Every single time... by the time I give up.. he's finally fast asleep :\
Doesn't matter how long I've been getting up, over and over again... as soon as I give up and start warming up a bottle... he goes back to sleep.


Also... when I'm up feeding Ezra.... almost every time... DH gets in to that magical unicorn position where he doesn't snore. And then I'm done and trying to get back to sleep and he moves and starts rattling the house again.

Just... Why???

I have nothing else for today. It's still early and I'm still trying to wake up :\

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