Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Quickie before bed

Not that kind perverts!! ;)

Just didn't want to leave my hormonal depressing one at the top for too long.

Dh stayed home from work. Wish I had known so I could be slept in, but he didn't decide to do it until after he had gotten ready to go.

We did go to Wal-Mart a little later though, so we could get out of the house and get some fresh Wal-Mart air lol.
Plus we needed other stuff and to infect everyone else :)
Bought a few more Christmas garlands and a couple other cheap decor. Bought some birthday presents for one of Dh's co-workers kids. And looked for some cute cheap Xmas clothes. Bought Zoe some cute Xmas leggings and Ezra some thicker warmer footie pjs, but that was it. They don't carry those cute little Santa or elf outfits anymore I guess :(

Want to go to once upon a child this weekend to see what they have. I'm sure they'll have something. Wish we had the money to spend on some cute ass Xmas costumes though.
Was thinking...
Dress Zoe as a Xmas tree, Oren as a snowman and Ez as a gingerbread man. How cute would those pics be if we could get them to stay still for a second?? Lol

Maybe one of these years :)
We had wanted to decorate the tree today, but Dh got caught up in straightening the garage up. Looks 100% better but it took him all afternoon. Guess he was feeling better then.

I had planned on getting all of the thanksgiving desserts done today, but I was stuck inside with the kids. Oh we tried letting Zoe and oren out, but Dh was not keeping an eye on them enough. Not saying he was totally neglecting to watch them, but I just wasn't comfortable with it. I'm just paranoid of Oren running in to the road or wandering off. Nevermind perverts. While we do live at the very back of the neighborhood, our road is pretty busy.
You just can't trust people.
So yeah..... I had to wait until at least Oren was in bed before I got any desserts fixed. Only did 2, but thankfully they were easy.

Saved the difficult one for tomorrow. Or well.... Slightly more difficult... More like more time consuming is all.

Also fixing our turkey tomorrow and I can't Frickin wait!!! Just hope it comes out well and tasty. We bought a nice new digi thermometer, so we're hoping that helps.

Anyway.... Still sick. Nose isn't as stuffed up... Even though I still can't really smell... But now I have a cough. Sigh....

Oh and pretty sure Ez is getting sick.
He threw up an entire bottle on me right after I fed him..... Awesome.....

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