Thursday, November 10, 2016

Quick update

So today actually went really well.
Didn't yell once and kept my cool even during a couple of meltdowns from the kiddos.
I did have to threaten with a spanking once when Zoe was straight up refusing to listen to me and do what I asked her to do multiple times.
But that was it, just the once and IMO for a good reason.

I had to explain to her that just b/c I'm trying not to be mean or yell doesn't mean that she's not going to get punished and punishment (timeouts) doesn't mean I'm being mean.
She called me mean when I sent her to her room for a timeout when she was having a mini tantrum. She said it again but I can't remember why. I'm sure it was b/c I reprimanded her b/c of something she was doing (probably pushing or hitting Oren).

Proud of myself though for keeping my cool the entire day. It actually helped my stress levels during those meltdown moments. I was calmer throughout the day and actually talked to my kids instead of yelling at them.
They seemed to really respond to it too and played nice with each other for the most part and Zoe actually helped me clean up some.

I can do this! I know not all days will go this well, but I just need to stick to it until it's just how things are by nature. No more being mean mommy!

OO And I got the living room cleaned up :D Wanted to get a bit more done, but had to pause cleaning to take care of Ez a few times. Plus there was a lot more trash everywhere than I had realized. Bleh.
Need to tackle the sunroom and Zoe's room next. And hopefully start on the kitchen and butler's pantry this weekend. Those 2 things REALLY need to be decluttered.

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