Wednesday, November 2, 2016

RIP Puppers

So our oldest dog finally went to doggy heaven today.
It's sad, but I'm more relieved than anything. She was going downhill really REALLY fast and we were going to take her to get put to sleep either today or tomorrow. She passed away just this morning.
I'm just glad that she's not suffering any longer though. Not even 3 or 4 months ago... she was lively and running around and barking it up with the other dogs and then just a shitty switch was turned on and her age started catching up with her. We thought it was just arthritis, but no... she was just preparing to die :(
Not sure how old she was. We got her when we were still living with DH's parents way way way back in the day. She was at least 15yo. Just a mutt.
MiL found 2 puppies on the side of the road. Brought them home, got them healthy and kept them both. The female dog along w/ a dog we had got out of the yard one day and her dog ended up getting pregnant.
Can't remember exactly how many puppies she had. They gave them all away, but one of the people couldn't keep the pup so gave it back and that's how DH and I ended up with her. Not by choice really, but oh well.
She was a super annoying doofy dog, but she lived a very long and hopefully great life.
RIP puppers.

In other not so depressing news...
We started giving Oren fiber gummies. The probiotics we gave him weren't doing anything.
The fiber gummies are helping some w/ his nasty poops. He had a nasty one this morning, but the ones before it seemed normal-ish. Looked like they were soft turds before getting smooshed.

Zoe keeps wanting to come lay down with us during the night. DH questioned if it was b/c she was scared or what... no.... the reason is b/c she's 4 and this is what some kids do lol.
And she is good at sneaking in to our room without my noticing. Like I've mentioned before, I wake up to every little sound the kids make, but she goes in to ninja mode.
I was just getting up to pump this morning and her monitor came on. Looked at it and noticed that she wasn't in bed. I had just put on all the pumping stuff and was going to check on her really quick. Opened the door to our room and there she was... just standing there all silhouetted and creepy looking. Made me jump lol.
And the night before... she had come in to the room while I was pumping. DH got up to put her back in bed. But 10mins later... I'm sitting there, still pumping and messing around on my phone. I look up and see her standing by the bassinet w/ her blanket over her. Just standing there all silent. I seriously had a few moments there when it crossed my mind if it was really Zoe or some evil demon spawn under the blanket.... ROFL.
She finally started to move, but very slowly towards the pet stairs at the end of our bed. She had to move slow b/c she couldn't see anything from under the blanket but knew the general direction she had to go. When she finally hit the stairs, she pushed the blanket out some so she could see them and as carefully as she could, tried to go up them without making a sound.
I couldn't help but start quietly cracking up. I should've taken her to bed again but didn't have the heart to. Not after all the effort she went to to try to keep quiet lol. Sigh....

I'm going to try to increase my milk supply. I do not want to add in more pumping sessions so I'll be pumping for longer a few times a day until hopefully my supply increases. So instead of the normal 30mins, I'll probably end up pumping for around 40-50min total.
Hope it works.
We're going through the milk we have faster than I thought. I think it's safe to say that Ezra needs to be bumped up to at least 4oz now and no less. Pretty sure the other 2 were on 4oz of formula by this point.. if not more.
Anywho.... FX that my poor nipples can handle it and FX that my boobs make more milk!
Nothing against formula at all, but it's been nice not having to supplement too.

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