Monday, November 21, 2016

And the heater comes on

Much to DH's dismay... the heater had to be turned on. It gets way too cold in Oren's room. To the point of it feeling like you're outside without the breeze.
With it getting down to 20's last night... going another day without the heater wasn't gonna happen unless we wanted an Orensicle.

Still got cold enough to snuggle under the blanket, but it wasn't unbearable :)

I did wake up with night sweats though. Thanks, ya stupid cold!
It's gotten slightly worse. Still not bad, just more annoying than anything else.
Zoe seems to be on the mend though so that's good. Hopefully my cold (and no DH's) will only last a few days like hers did.

My enthusiasm for Xmas decorations this year has totally rubbed off on to DH.
Zoe spent the night with aunt on Saturday and we picked her up Sunday at Home Depot. We decided to look at their decorations and ended up buying some more lights for outside. We also got some yard staples too for my DIY tomato cage lights that I'll be making :D
Anywho, while we were out in the garden section, DH points to these cute Santa, Snowman, Santa's Boot, and Polar Bear decorations. I said how cute they were and that was enough for him to get 2 of them lol. We got the Santa and Snowman :)
Put those out by the door and this cute wooden stake w/ painted on elves that we got for $4 from 5 and Under (where everything is $5 or under).
I want to get another stake just to have it even, but not a big deal if we don't get anything else.

So WOO! :D OH and we got our Christmas tree too! lol We decided to go look at HD selection and found a 7-8ft tree. Had to come home first so DH could take the truck to get it.
Then he calls me telling the truck won't start. I had just started pumping so had to stop and get all the kids back in the van etc etc lol.
He doesn't drive his truck that often, but it's only been.. maybe 2 months since he drove it. Not that long. And it needed a jump to get started.

Anyway... other than the decorations Zoe has put on the tree... we haven't decorated it yet. Not sure when that's gonna happen.

I have so much Thanksgiving prep to do. Need to cook some apples, dry brine the turkey... make and freeze some apple turnovers... make PB fudge, make a chocolate pudding pie... etc etc.
Nothing really complicated other than the apples really, but still a lot of work when I have a baby that won't even let me go poop without freaking out.

I plan on cooking our turkey Wednesday night. Hope it turns out well. We bought a digital thermometer for it. Our new oven cooks quicker so we needed something to keep an eye on temp.
I can't count how many things I've overbaked in that oven now lol. Even the stuff that I take a few minutes off of... still ends up overbaking. Grrr lol
Learning process, but a lot of potentially good food wasted.

Anyway.. trying to get Ez to nap and then go find something to eat. Or more like, cook something to eat. Have a pack of porkchops that need to be cooked up for some yummy lunches

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