Monday, November 28, 2016

Baby crying hell!!

So we've been giving Ezra 1 bottle a day of formula and it is not doing anything to help with his constipation.
Poor baby boy has been gassy along w/ the constipation and it's been hurting his little tummy. Hurting to the point of him screaming and crying when we try to put him to sleep. We thought it was getting better.. that is until last night when he would not settle down.
Went out this morning and bought some prune/apple juice for him and some more gas drops.
Poor little guy must be so uncomfortable.
His crying just about drove DH and I crazy though.
Last night was not fun...
Hopefully the juice does its magic though and gets him to poop.

DH got more decorations up yesterday. I wanted to help, but Ez wasn't having any of it. We sat outside and watched DH put everything up though :)
I would like to put more out, but meh.. I think what we have is ok. It's not exactly the giant big Christmas thing going on, but it's still pretty :D

We got the kids their Christmas outfits! YAY!
Kinda went overboard with Zoe lol. It's DH's fault too. He kept showing me all of the pretty dresses and I kept saying yep :P Some of them can be worn whenever, but others are definitely Christmas lol.
We got Oren 2 outfits. DH wanted to get this cute little vest dress up one and I got this adorable one piece elf costume for him.
And we got one for Ezra. It's a one piece w/ a hood that has reindeer antlers on it :)
We haven't set a date when we're taking them to see Santa yet. Just hope the pic comes out nice :)

Speaking of pics... we FINALLY printed out some more photos. Seriously... we hadn't printed photos since Oren was a newborn. That's how long it has been.
We still didn't print out everything we could have either.
Slacker parents right here lol

I wonder what those parents that have those super popular toy channels on youtube get their kids for Christmas. They already get their kids EVERYTHING for their videos. Do they do a good deed and donate those toys? Get their kids just clothes?
I'm sure most of those channels are making a TON of money and getting a lot of those toys for free to promote on their vids and I'm sure those kids are happy as can be to have everything. BUt I dunno... is that Christmas magic there still for them?

I want to go up and visit SiL one of these weekends. Whenever DH has 4 days off or can take a 4 day weekend. Go up there with MiL and maybe FiL if he can go and go visit SiL.
I know SiL is homesick since she doesn't have friends or anything in the area yet and her hubs is in school a lot.
Just think it would be nice to go see her for at least a few days.
DH likes the idea too. We'll see what happens.

Trying to remember what else I had wanted to post, but can not remember. Oh well. Maybe I'll remember later. In the meantime..... gotta keep Oren from waking Ezra up continuously.... /grumble

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