Monday, October 31, 2016

Just keep swimming

That's what I have to keep telling myself or well... something along those lines lol.

Ez's sleep situation has gotten a tiny bit better for now, but there are still a lot of screaming/crying tired moments still with him.

Last night was just UGH. We decided not to give him his usual bottle before bed b/c he had eaten about 2-2.5 hours before and drank down a whole bottle of milk. At least 160ml.
Plus he was sleeping so great and so we decided he'd be ok. I was hoping he'd sleep in until his usual time when he starts fussing some (around 4-4:30), but knew he'd probably wake earlier which he did at around 2.

So I feed him at 2.. just 80ml. Not sure why I didn't feed him more.... stupid mistake.
Well he wasn't happy and just fussed and fussed until 3am. I finally said screw it and decided to go ahead and pump while I tried to get him back to sleep.
He FINALLY did go back to sleep while I was pumping and after I was done, I got him back in to his bassinet w/ no problem.

By the time I was trying to get back to sleep, it was 4am and it never fails.
While I'm pumping, DH will sometimes snore like crazy and I'll let him go for a bit but will eventually push him to get him to roll over so he doesn't wake Ez up (especially if he's getting louder and louder which usually happens).
And of course, as soon as I'm done and lay down to get to sleep... DH rolls back over to a maximum snoring position and just will not get back to that sweet spot. So I lay there for 30min trying to ignore the snoring, but I can't.
So I go in to the living room, but our old dog is kicking around making noise. I finally said screw it.. even if I can't sleep, I'd rather be laying in bed.
Thankfully by then, DH was quiet and I just started to doze when his alarm starts to go off. Uuuuuuuuuuugh.
Thankfully by the 3rd time it goes off, I'm FINALLY asleep..... until Ez starts to fuss about 20mins later.
I feed him, try to get some sleep before the other kids wake, but Ez isn't having any of it and yeah... I've been up since about 6:20....
That 20min nap from waking up at 2 and diet dr pepper are the only things keeping me from passing out right now and neither are doing a good job.
Just put Oren down for a nap, just fed Ez and he's napping, so I'm going to try to get some more sleep... even if it's just a few minutes.

Anywho... Dh's church had their trunk or treat last night. Nice and quick and fun for the kids :)
Zoe still gets a zoned out look even though I know she's excited lol. Just her shyness coming out.
Oren gets all clammed up too, but learns really quick that they're giving out candy and starts reaching for things with enthusiasm lol.
They actually got candy this time too.
They had fun at aunt's church's trunk or treat, but barely got any candy there. Everyone got it in to their heads that the kids were gonna get enough candy, so lets get them cheese puffs instead. Seriously.. half the people there gave them out. Yeah I'm complaining. Just give out candy damnit!!

Anyway, lots of kids there last night. Sad that Halloween isn't what it used to be, but it was fun for the kids last night. Trunk or treats are such a good idea. Everything is close together and it's a really safe way to trick or treat, especially if you have small kids like we do.
We're still planning on walking around a little bit tonight too.
This shopping area that's a mile from us is having a trick or treat with their stores that we might take the kids to. It's only an hour and  a half to do it. Then we come home and hit up a few houses. Maybe... or we may just walk around. We'll see.
I just hope more people give out candy. Wish we had someone at home to pass out candy b/c I hate seeing so many homes just not doing it.
GAH... I remember almost every house giving out candy when I was little. You'd have to bring along a pillow case to carry it all! Now... you're lucky if you get a small plastic pumpkin head full. :(
I get it though... Halloween candy is frickin expensive.
One of these days.. I'm gonna start collected Halloween decorations and we're gonna be THE house to go to to trick or treat at.
I know my DH's grandparent's house use to be that house in their old neighborhood. They would decorate their lawn, all his family would come together. They'd grill and pass our treat to the kids.

I wanna be THAT house for Christmas. I want to start collecting outdoor decorations again and maybe make a few too. We won't do one of those sync'd w/ music homes, but I just want to start having lots of decorations. Just light the night up with Christmas stuff :) Be that house kids want to drive by and look at b/c it's magical and Christmasy.
Looked up a few ideas on pinterest. We can definitely do one of them. It uses those round tomato cages and green or faux pine garland. You wrap it around and voila! You got yourself a tree decoration :D

Anywho... I'm rambling.. need sleep or just relax or something.

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