Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well... that was unexpected

Going to get a little political for a minute...
But damn... really? Trump?????
I figured Hillary would be president, but Trump??? Geezus.
Now don't get me wrong.... neither of them are worth a shit. 2 turds in a giant turd sandwich. But it still amazes me that Trump was even in the running to begin with. I can see why Hillary was. At least she was in politics before and everything was pointing towards her running for president. But Trump seemed to just say... Fuck it, why not? And welp.. here he is... America's next president. Just.. WTF???

These next 4 years are going to be.... interesting. That's for sure. At least this will give comedians worldwide a whole lot of material for the next 4 years... like when Bush jr was in office. :\

Good lord man... just don't put us in WW3 dude.

And remember folks... whatever your political views... just remember we all still have to live with one another. Play nice... even if you don't want to ;) lol

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