Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hair everywhere!!

So post partum hair loss is in full swing. Frickin hair EVERYWHERE. Pulling hair off of bottles, off of my babies.... it's all over the place. Sigh....
Thankfully haven't found any in food.... yet.

Ezra did poop yesterday. Thought it would be a little more solid, but it was pure liquid.
He only went once so I gave him more prune juice today.
Also been giving him gas drops every time I remember to.
Seems to be helping with that discomfort I think.
He's still fighting sleep and did last night like crazy though. Think we're gonna have to start unswaddling him soon. I think that may be one of the reasons why he's resisting sleep so much at night.
The swaddling helps keep him asleep, but he doesn't like it.

So.. is anyone watching Westworld on HBO?
I think it's a great show, but speaking of poop..... I imagine the hosts must need to poop since they do eat. In the last episode, we see one of them peeing, so I imagine pooping would just be a bunch of undigested chewed up bits? Or do they have some kind of digestive juices in the hosts to create a more poop like substance?
Yes... these are the things that I wonder about when watching it rofl.
Poop.... poop all the time! lol

Also, just think about how much food and beverage is wasted in the park just from the hosts eating and drinking. Doesn't look like there really are that many guests that attend. Even at 40k a day... that doesn't seem like it would be enough to cover the cost of staff and the constant upkeep.

Oh well... I know I'm thinking too much about it rofl. Like I said though... it's a great show. Sucks that there's only one episode left. Booo :(

DH has his doctor appointment tomorrow. Hoping they'll refer him to a sleep clinic that will take him in ASAP. His snoring hasn't been as bad since we got over the colds, but it's still bad and I wake up all night long b/c of it (and other reasons).
It's not just about me though... he desperately needs that machine to help him breathe.
FX that it all happens quick.

Ezra also had his 4m appointment on Friday. Can't believe it's been 4 months already. End of the year goes by so damn quick. All the holidays and birthdays and whatnot make the weeks go by super fast.
Anyway... hope his weight is up to a better percentage than before. I'm sure now that we're supplementing with some formula, he'll start gaining a bit quicker.

I'm still going with the pumping. May try dropping down to 5x a day soon. My supply has just gotten back up after being sick, so I'd like to give it a few more days to stay there before trying out less pumps.

Started working on the frame for my secret santa. Barely gotten anything done and think I may have bitten off more than I can chew with the design of it.
The girl likes the cartoon Puffin Rock and while the design is pretty simple... making a plushie form out of it with all the different colors is turning out to be quite difficult. I'm trying though.
If what I've come up with doesn't work... I can do it an easier way. Hoping this way works though to give it a more plushie look instead of just felt stitched on top of one another. Nothing wrong with that look though if i can manage to sew it all pretty lol.
I'll take pics once it's a bit more complete :)

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