Thursday, November 10, 2016

Resolution... stop being so mean!

To my children that is. Starting today... I'm going to make it my mission to just stop being so mean to my kids.
I'm not abusing them or anything awful.... but I do yell at them. WAY too much. I try my best not to, but I was letting stress get to me and it was coming out as yelling at my kids.
I feel so damn guilty about it. I love them with all my heart and I just need to be a better mommy to them and that means.. not being so mean.
I'll still parent the way I see fit, but it will be more through calm assertiveness and less aggression.
I expect my children to not be little mean shits, then I need to show them how.
Not saying I won't spank, but it will not be my go to threat anymore.
And lemme make it clear, I don't spank all willy nilly. It's a very last resort and even then, it's usually just a swat or 2 on their hand.
But as I said.. I do use the threat of spanking WAY too much and I need to stop.
It's embarrassing  to admit to faults, but here it is.

Ok with that being said... I gotta bitch for a second again about politics.

I'm so tired of this "Not my president!" bullshit. People... get over yourselves already.
Do you live in the US? Then yes.... as crazy as it may seem.. Trump is your president!
And this violent protesting needs to fucking stop. Seriously.. that shit only makes you and whatever cause you have look dumb.
Oh, I get it... you don't like Trump and that is perfectly fine. It's also perfectly fine to PEACEFULLY protest. But stop saying stupid shit, stop being violent and stop being giant HYPOCRITES!
We all know damn well that those morons would be telling Trump supporters to "get over it" if Hillary had won and people were expressing their displeasure in it. How many of them would be sitting back and gloating (which I don't approve of b/c that shit is just as annoying) their victory and saying how great our voting system is and blahblahblah if their candidate had won.
Jut stop already! Speak your displeasure WITHOUT coming to violence or hypocrisy and then do your part.. whatever that may be.... to make sure that this country doesn't go to shit. Not even saying get involved with politics... just saying... stop being stupid shitty people and learn that we all have our opinions and you're not always going to get what you want.

The gloating from the Trump supporters really needs to stop too though. An inlaw (not one we usually go out to eat with)... keeps posting annoying ass gloat posts about Trump's win and UUUUUUUGH, it's so GD annoying. Sore losers suck, but so do sore winners.

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