Thursday, December 1, 2016

Vinegar baby!

Anyone elses baby sweat like crazy when they cry? I think I remember Oren being like that... and Ezra.. oh heck yes.. he sweats when he cries and he ends up smelling like he was dipped in vinegar. Bleh!

I think Oren smelled more of neck cheese... not vinegar lol. He was a lot chunkier and his drool and spit up always got trapped in his neck fat.

Oh and I was mistaken. Ezra's appointment is next week. Not sure how I got a week ahead of myself here.

So DH's appointment went ok I guess.
His doctor had him answer a sheet that was basically seeing if he was getting enough sleep.
Questions like "Is he falling asleep while watching tv, driving, etc etc".
Things like that. Based on that, he's getting plenty of sleep, but I know for a fact that his snoring/snorting/apnea wakes him up enough that he's constantly adjusting when the snoring is bad. That is not restful.

Anyway... that doctor is referring him to a Ear, Nose, Throat specialist to see if there's anything physically wrong that's causing the snoring... other than weight I guess.
DH did have that problem with his tonsils a bit ago, but that's been better and they're fine now.
Dunno why they just don't send him to get the sleep study done, but I guess this is a step in the right direction.

DH seems to be really supportive with my wanting to make and sell the frames :D He just worries that I won't be able to make them fast enough.
I think that will be ok once I make some solid designs and just get used to creating them. See what works and what doesn't.
More practice making them, the more I'll get used to doing it all so sewing them up will go quicker :)
I think it's sweet that he thinks they'll be popular enough that I'll have to make a bunch of them lol. I hope they will be.
Extra income would be nice. Specially since DH isn't going to be bringing home as much money. Since he's not supposed to be working holidays any longer and not as many weekends (unless he volunteers).. his pay won't be nearly as much.
That sucks, but we'll manage with what we're given :)

Oren has himself a little attitude problem. Seems like pretty typical toddler behavior but damn is it annoying lol.
I love my little booger, but holy crap.. his whining and screaming tantrums need to frickin stop already.
Mocking his whining gets him to stop, but then he'll say "No" and will hit and/or throw something.
Sigh....... Ezra better not be like this too.

TMI about sex incoming. Nothing too intimate really....
It's just that.... my sex drive has driven off a damn cliff and is dead at the bottom.
I have zero desire for sex now.
Oh we've done it... a few times and I enjoy it during, but at this moment... I'd be perfectly fine with never having sex. I don't even have the urge to masturbate.
Helps that baby is in the room and Zoe keeps coming and sleeping with me when DH gets up for work so I never really have a moment alone. But even if I did... I still wouldn't have the urge to do it.
I'm sure this feeling has a lot to do with just being exhausted and that it will eventually resurrect itself.
In the meantime though.... I'll still do it... but only b/c I know it makes DH happy and I want him to be happy.

Alrighty... pumping and  Ez is awake and being adorable

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