Monday, February 1, 2016

I wants it!!! Give to me!!!!

I wanted to go to the Korean store this weekend and since the baby furniture place is over in that area we went there too. DH gravitated towards this one pretty modern looking set as soon as he saw it.

The crib can be 2 different colors too like the dresser. The one in the store had the back and front of the crib this pretty blue color and the sides were white.
DH liked this 'oiled' finished look that was on another crib that we could get on this if we wanted. Not really sure how it would look. It's hard to tell from the photo but the crib looks very contemporary so not sure how a natural looking finish would look. He also liked this weird black one w/ a red distressed look under the black... if that makes any sense. Like imagine if something had originally been painted red and then someone came and painted over that with black. And over the years, the edges wore down to reveal the red again..... that's how it looked. I didn't really like it, but honestly don't care too much on the colors so long as they're not totally hideous lol.

But.... what else I saw in the store.... I wants it... I wants it for Zoe!!!
It was flipped the other way around, but holy... crap... I want it for Zoe SO damn much!!!! The little doors by the stairs leads in to this adorable little hidey hole spot that actually wraps around to behind the desk and it's lit inside too so it's not like the child would be sitting in the dark in there. And it has a ton of storage space w/ the stairs being drawers and the ones on the sides and the ones at the desk.
I love it! I want it! I wish I was young again so it could be mine! rofl
It was $3100 though... on sale! YIKES. But... we'd be spending that much on that crib/dresser set if we end up getting it.... so if we just got this for Zoe and gave the new baby Zoe's crib and dresser... it would work out to about the same.
DH doesn't wanna do it though... boo :( He says she's too young for it.. and she probably is. I don't think I would trust her too much to come down the steps without injuring herself lol. She was fine doing it at the place (after she busted her lip open playing with a drawer on another piece)... but I was also right there to watch her. Could you imagine a toddler having unsupervised access to stairs all the time? UGH..... Danger.. Danger!!!!!
So maybe in a couple of years this will be something we could get her... not sure what we would do with her crib though, so I doubt this will ever happen :(
I told DH to ask his coworker that does enjoys working with wood how much it would cost him to make it for us lol. And hey, if it's cheaper, that could be an option :D
Anywho.. isn't that so cool?

UUUUGH, Zoe is being so damn whiny this morning. She's trying to do things her cousin is and can't and so the whining starts... lots and lots of whining.
Driving me frickin crazy and it's only 10am.

Oh last Friday when BiL came to pick up niece... good lord he is such an awkward frickin weirdo. I'm weird, but in a good nerdy shy way. He's weird in just a... I dunno... awkward creeper kind of way. Just pick up your child and frickin leave. Don't hang around here to socialize b/c I don't frickin want to. Go away. I'm not saying he's trying to get with me or anything stupid like that... he's just that type of awkward personality that butts their way in to a conversation and then makes the entire conversation extremely uncomfortable for everyone.. ya know?
Anyway... I really hope he just picks her up and leaves.... just take your child and GO.

And apparently MiL was wrong... as usual. I don't want to paint MiL in a bad light b/c she's really not a bad person... she just does some really annoying shit.
Like not listening or half listening.
She's the type to ask you a question a bazillion times and every single time won't listen or will only half listen to the answer.
So SiL was not induced yesterday. She has another ultrasound today and from what MiL says, will have a doctor appointment tomorrow.... but who knows if that's true or not.. or the whole truth.
I'm sure SiL won't be allowed to go too much longer though. Not sure how many weeks she is but I'm fairly sure she's in her 39th.
So yeah... no new niece yet, but soon.

I have my next appointment tomorrow afternoon. I'll report back with whatever goes on. Hopefully with some good news. I just can't shake the worry that I'm feeling.
Doesn't help going on to the August DD board and seeing a few women leaving b/c of miscarriage or finding out they have a blighted ovum :(


Shari said...

I would love to have had that as a kid, heck even as an

We are doing bunk beds for our 4 and 2 year old. We bought their beds with this in mind in case we ever had to do it. We went and purchased the stairs a couple of weeks ago and should have them by next week. I'm not terribly nervous because the girls would go up and down the steps constantly to go to the basement in our old house. I do imagine one of them will try to jump from the

Pretty awesome crib! That is ridiculous for the amount of money they want for a crib and dresser! We finally took ours down and placed it away in the basement when we moved. It made me a bit sad.

Good luck tomorrow! I am sure everything will be great!

LisaL said...

I bet your girls are going to have so much fun w/ their bunk beds! I always wanted that when I was young.. even though it would've been just me :P lol
I mean heck.. what kid didn't want a bunk bed right? ;)

Yeah, the price of the crib and dresser is pretty steep, but they're made to last which is why we always end up picking what we do. The crib will be converted when the baby is older and used until the kid moves out and maybe will be used by their kids one day if they have any :) You can definitely tell the difference in quality when you mess with Oren's dresser compared to the cheapy one we bought for Zoe.
Anywho.. it is ridiculously expensive, but we justify it to ourselves to spend the money rofl. Plus this place has a layaway type of thing so we can pay on it over a period of time :P