Friday, February 26, 2016

Go away colds!!!

It's like we'll take a step to getting better and then the next day it's 2 steps back.
I WAS feeling better. My nose wasn't as stuffed up... I could mostly breathe through it at night. That didn't last long. My nose is back to being clogged and now I've developed a small cough. Awesome :\
Same thing seems to have happened to Zoe. She only seemed to have a mild cold and then the eye boogers happened and now she has a cough too.

Could we just get better already?? Geeze.. I spent 2 months of this pregnancy sick, and now I'm sick again. Enough of this mess already dangit!

Grrr, I can't find the heartbeat. Ok NOW the baby is definitely under my pooch. The swooshing placenta sound I can barely even find unless I angle the sensor upwards towards the pooch. I think maybe I've heard the baby moving around though. It could just be gas or intestinal, but it sounds just like the baby moving (how it sounded with Zoe and Oren when they moved). So... *shrugs*

My appointment is Tuesday so just hope the doctor is able to find the HB no problem :)

OK this toddler mess of "I'm hungry!" ALL day long, but not wanting to actually eat anything in the house needs to stop too. Holy crap is it annoying!!
Ok some days, Zoe will eat whatever I give her, but other days... it's..

Z: I'm hungry, mommy!
Me: Well hi, Hungry! I'm mommy! *insert awful mom joke laugh track here*
Z: I'm Zoe, mommy.............. I'm hungry!
Me: Fine.... what do you want?
Z: Uhm........
Me: Do you want an apple?
Z: No
Me: DO you want *insert food item here*
Z: No

Wash rinse repeat until I've listed everything edible in the house

Me: Well, I guess you're not hungry b/c you don't want anything.
Z: *starts whining*

A min later

Z: I want an apple...
Me: UUUUUGH. That was the first thing I asked if you wanted child!

Gets up, washes her an apple off. She takes it with glee.... takes 4 bites out of it and decides she doesn't want it anymore.
2 minutes after wasting it....

Z: Mommy..... I'm hungry.
Me: -_-

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